Foot Pain in Seniors. Can be Agonizing

Foot Pain In Seniors

Foot care is sometimes overlooked, yet foot pain in seniors, when it occurs, can be agonizing. Everything in our body ages. There is no downplaying that fact. There is however one organ that determines the level of mobility and independence of seniors and the elderly. This is the foot. We generally tend to focus on …

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Changes in the Body With Age. Mental Function

Magic cube

Changes in the body with age develop because the efficiencies of all working systems in our bodies gradually decline. This can be quite frustrating for older adults. The brain is no exception. Researching the internet for articles to better understand changes in the body with age – being in my golden years, and fast approaching …

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What is the Process of Aging. Let’s Talk Mobility


The natural process of aging is gradual, continuous in the human body, and starts very early in adulthood. It happens to everyone and is inevitable although we each age in different ways. So what is the process of aging?. The body is composed of working systems. Aging affects every one of these systems and age …

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Causes of Sudden Hearing Loss in One Ear. Quick 101

Causes Of Sudden Hearing Loss In One Ear

The causes of sudden hearing loss in one ear are varied. Anyone with sudden hearing loss in one ear or both ears should treat it as a medical emergency and immediately see a doctor. This is because sudden hearing loss could be a warning sign of potentially underlying conditions. This article is not intended to …

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How to Stop Ringing in the Ears. Why the Ringing?

Ringing Bells

As a senior with non-debilitating ringing in the ears (tinnitus), I have avidly reviewed as much information as I could find to understand how to stop ringing in the ears. I assure myself that I was not imaging these noises (which no-one else could seem to hear) and losing my mind. What is this condition? …

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