About Us – What is the Metamorphosis Hub?

Welcome to the About Us Metamorphosis Hub page. This website is the home of a fresh perspective on the aging process, associated changes and relevant products for seniors.

It is truly a website researching for seniors fun and educative content to help me make informed decisions. Amaze your doctor or healthcare professional with how smart you are as you learn new things in this aging journey.

My Eureka Moment

About Us

Like many people, I have spent most of my life in the rat race of climbing the corporate ladder.

To say the least, I found it exciting but very exhausting, and I sacrificed a lot of family time – missed anniversaries, birthdays, recitals, hockey practices and abandoned travel plans – to name a few!

The one good outcome of my corporate and science background is that I am very organized and I love writing. I also love structure, and I am always looking for ways to be efficient.

I knew in my heart that I could invest my time more efficiently, provide value-added service, make a difference AND have fun doing so.

But HOW? ………Many thoughts later, a light bulb went off in my head (my Eureka moment)

About Us – The Result

The result is this website – MetamorphosisHub. The name alludes to a transformation akin to a butterfly emerging out of a cocoon.

I view this as my transitioning from the hustle and bustle of a previous corporate work environment into the golden years of life as a senior citizen.

This, of course, comes with the need for me to fully understand and embrace the associated health changes with the aging process as I journey into this realm of the unknown.

This is why I created this website to pool together my research on aging (being naturally inquisitive) and share my experiences and observations on what has worked for me – and of course, learn from others!

Efficient and Non Time-Consuming Search

If you are like me, you probably find it extremely challenging to have to wade through tons of online sites to find concise articles on topical health issues related to aging to provide you with some understanding of these changes, ahead of consulting with your physician.

Let’s be honest, some of the very natural changes that occur as we age can be quite frightening if we don’t know what to expect and what may be required. Understanding the functioning of your body – in simple language – is important.

Have you “clicked” and “clicked” on websites and links as you went down that rabbit hole looking for “better information” or “exactly the right product”?

Have you become quite frustrated as you continued  your online “clicking” journey? Several hours later, have you thrown your hands up in the air and just decided to select what appears to be the closest item or article to your needs?

Close but not really quite IT…….

Many seniors express similar frustrations.

About Us
Eureka moment

About Us – Enhance Your Online Decision-Making Experience

The goal of the MetamorphosisHub is to provide you with simply written articles on many of the health changes associated with aging, allowing you to understand these changes. This, of course enhances your online decision-making experience in selecting affordable products even if you are a senior, caregiver or child of the elderly on a tight budget.

More importantly, we like to compare and review products by “wading through the jungle” to find the more popularly rated ones based on consumer reviews – and some insights based on personal experience to recommend to our audience.

Remember, as a senior, knowledge will certainly calm your nerves and provide you some peace of mind even before going into conversation with your physician as it has done for me.

The ultimate goal is to educate you and save you time in your browsing experience – and we bring a career life-time of researching and writing capabilities to do this.

With the free time you will now have on your hands, you can go ahead and spend more quality time with those you love.

If you like the website, or have any questions, I ask that you get involved within the site by leaving comments in any of the Comment Boxes and I will most certainly respond to you.

Aging is NOT a disease…….Let’s enjoy it as we journey together!

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All the best,

About Us
Metamorphosis Hub

Ceci, (PhD)
Founder of MetamorphosisHub


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