Affiliate Marketing for Seniors – The Best Qualities To Have

In any discussion of affiliate marketing for seniors, we must consider the best “must have” qualities for success.

Successful affiliate marketers usually are focused individuals with certain qualities that can help them be successful. This article reviews and discusses these qualities.

The reasons why some seniors are extraordinarily successful in affiliate marketing and others are not can be traced to the lack of a rugged determination in the latter.

Those who are unsuccessful also believe that affiliate marketing is a get-rich-quick scheme. IT IS NOT.

Affiliate Marketer
Affiliate Marketer

The Role of an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a beneficial marketing arrangement between an online retailer and an independent affiliate marketer where they pay a small commission when traffic is directed from the affiliate website to the retailers’ website for sales.

Prices remain the same for the buyer if the purchase is through an affiliate link or through a non-affiliate link.

They will not pay more money by clicking through to the retailers’ link from the affiliate website.

However, what good affiliates have done is provide the buyer with usually the best prices based on a lot of searches, comparison and review of products, by wading through the maze of information available online.

We can say that a good affiliate marketer helps you reduce the amount of time you invest into comparing products before directing you to the sites where you can find them.

Affiliate Marketing for Seniors

Affiliate Marketing For Seniors – Technical Skills

Just like when applying for an advertised job opening, you will typically assess your skills with the requirements of the job before applying. The same is also true for affiliate marketing. You should assess your skills before immersing yourself in the training

Prices remain the same for the buyer if the purchase is through an affiliate link or through a non-affiliate link. They will not pay more money by clicking through to the retailers’ link from the affiliate website

Many “forced to retire”, or “happily retired” seniors have acquired certain technical skills while in the workforce that will help them be successful in affiliate marketing. These include the following:

Affiliate Marketing For Seniors Requires Knowledge of How to Use a Computer

At the very least, you must be able to write and type documents using Microsoft Word. Many seniors tend to bring additional advanced skill sets with them which can also be helpful.

You Must Be Comfortable Working on the Internet

Whether it is to search for personal products for your individual use or for news information. Many seniors already do this.

We all do a lot of shopping online, and we typically browse the web for a while before we sometimes settle on a product to buy.

You may not know this, but many of your searches for products on the web are actually on affiliate websites!

Senior Affiliate Marketer
Senior Affiliate Marketer

Have Good or Strong Organizational Skills

An affiliate marketer must be able to store their research material and documents so that they can be easily retrieved when needed.

You do not want to spend most of your time looking for documents, as this will reduce your efficiency.

The ability to set goals, targets and timelines is a useful skill to have.

Affiliate Marketing For Seniors – Soft Skills

Successful affiliate marketers must have the following soft skills:

Rugged Determination to Succeed

Once they have decided to dive into affiliate marketing they must bring the same amount of rugged drive and determination they demonstrated in the workplace.

Furthermore, they must be committed to their goals and should not be individuals that are easily discouraged.

Willingness to Learn and Be Trained

The training is usually laid out in step-by-step modules and following this layout will help you succeed in your business. It is NOT difficult.

However, thinking you have a better idea and jumping haphazardly from topic to topic is not beneficial. There is a reason why the training is structured in a certain way.

Needless to say, I have seen many people waste unnecessary time by not “sticking to the plan” by thinking they can take short cuts, only for them to hit a stone wall and have to retrace their steps.

There is also no need to try to rush through the training in record time without adequately understanding the concepts of each module.

If you do so, you will find that you will have to return to the module again to attempt to understand those same concepts – an unnecessary waste of time.

There are many tips and tricks to learn about internet marking to be successful and affiliate marketers are constantly looking for any information that they can use to build and enhance their business.

Affiliate Marketing For Retirees Requires the Ability to Self-Motivate

It can sometimes be challenging for an affiliate marketer working from home not to be distracted and remain motivated.

To be successful requires that you find novel ways to keep yourself motivated while remaining committed and disciplined with your set goals and target dates.

Without motivation, it is easy for discouragement to set in.

Requires Resourcefulness and Innovativeness

Successful affiliates constantly think of how they can improve on the visitor experience to their website through their content writing and product reviews.

Questions - Conduct a Self Assessment
Questions – Conduct A Self-Assessment

As a successful affiliate you want to clearly stand out within your niche as an authority to be followed.

By differentiating yourself from other affiliate marketers, you can gain a competitive edge over them which ultimately will translate into increased traffic on your website and greater commissions.


Assess yourself against each of the qualities listed above. Be honest with yourself.

If you scored an all-round “Yes”, then you are a prime candidate to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

Note however that while the soft skills can be learned, the technical skills are essential to getting you started with affiliate marketing, and they must be in place to move forward with the training.

If you do not have these minimum technical skills but would still wish to become an affiliate marketer, it is recommended that you take quick courses to bring you up to par.

The Next Steps – Affiliate Marketing for Retirees

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Affiliate Marketing for Seniors
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Affiliate Marketing for Seniors
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Final Words

Affiliate marketing for seniors or retirees is an online opportunity to work from home for many.

With the right skills and relevant training, more and more senior citizens and retirees are finding they can be successful and generate income well into their sunset years.


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10 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing for Seniors – The Best Qualities To Have”

  1. Thank you so much for this relevant article, Ceci! As a fellow affiliate marketer, I completely agree with you that anyone can succeed in this industry with will, determination, a love and passion for a particular (or several) niche(s), and self discipline (especially when it comes to staying on task, setting deadlines, and not getting easily distracted). Once you have the baseline technical skills and know which affiliate marketing platforms are out there (and choose the best one for you), the sky is the limit for you-whether you’re 18 or 108. I’m so happy to see more seniors entering the affiliate marketing world! There’s plenty of room in this world for everyone! Great read! God bless you!

  2. Hey there, thanks for sharing this post. I’m a big fan of affiliate marketing! I like how you have broken down all the skills, both tech and soft skills for starting an affiliate marketing business. A lot of people get into this without a proper mindset, so I’m sure this post is going to help a lot of people to get insights into this business before they decide to dive in. I just wanted to say great work and thanks for sharing!

  3. These are the must-have skills one should possess for the affiliate marketing business. Most of them think this is a no-brainer business which makes me really upset. Those who are determined and willing to learn can succeed.

  4. This got me intrigued, and with that being said. I’ll definitely be diving more into the concept of affiliate marketing.

    I’m already busy working on other projects, but this post could greatly benefit my dad. I’ve shared it on social media as well because I honestly think that it can come in handy for some people.

    You’ve done a great job with this step-by-step guide, and I applaud you for it.


  5. Hi Ceci,

    All the points you highlighted are indeed very important for one to become an affiliate marketer. It’s no walk in the park at all, even for me as a digital marketer.

    I could say that these qualities are most likely to be found in someone pursuing entrepreneurship. They are very much alike, affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship. Owning a business!

    That said, I think affiliate marketing is good for anyone, seniors or not, as long as they have the right qualities you mentioned. Very spot on. Diligent in trainings and being consistent in putting out content.

    Thanks for sharing this!


    • Yes Sam, the required qualities for affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship tend to overlap. The qualities apply not only to seniors but to anyone planning to venture into these areas.


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