Special Pillows for Neck Pain. Not Orthopedic

Special Pillows for Neck Pain

A simple remedy for tense neck muscles from sleeping in an awkward position or poor posture at the compute is the use of special pillows for neck pain There are several orthopedic and non-orthopedic neck pillows to choose from. Usually, the best pillow for seniors is one that provides soft support for the head and …

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Top Rated Orthopedic Pillows for Neck Pain. The Best Options

Top Rated Orthopedic Pillows for Neck Pain

As we grow older, the aging process involves the onset and progression of degenerative changes. There are several top rated orthopedic pillows for neck pain that can help alleviate the discomfort due to soreness in the neck and shoulders usually caused by sleeping with the neck in the wrong position. Researching and selecting the pillow …

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Leg Cramps in Seniors.The Best Knee Pillows for Night Relief

Leg Cramps in Seniors

With increasing age, Leg cramps in seniors tend to increase in frequency, with most of them occurring during the night while asleep. The use of knee pillows increases comfort and blood flow while lying down, and are especially beneficial for side sleepers although they may be used by both side and back sleepers. Side sleepers …

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Leg Cramps in Seniors.The Best Leg Pillows for Night Relief

Reasons For Leg Cramps

Leg cramps in seniors and general may be caused by excess or a lack of exercise, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, blood circulation problems, dehydration or other medical conditions. Some people without these indications however still experience unexplained muscle cramps especially in the middle of the night while sleeping. Leg cramps in seniors tend to increase …

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Leg Cramps in Seniors. A Seriously Painful Experience

Foot Problems and Diabetes

Leg cramps in seniors tend to increase in frequency with aging. They are usually quite painful involuntary contraction of a muscle or a group of muscles in the thighs, calves or feet. If this contraction occurs for longer than a few seconds, it moves from being a muscle in spasm to a leg cramp. This …

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Weighted Blanket Review. Popular Fabula Life King

Weighted Blanket Review

Finding a weighted blanket review for a King-sized weighted blanket can be challenging. They are very few. It can also be tough when out searching for a King-sized weighted blanket because there are not as many of them as regular and smaller sizes. While there are very many weighted blankets on the market today, a …

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Weighted Blanket Review – Popular Rated King Sizes

Weighted Blankets For Seniors

If you are looking for a weighted blanket review on King sizes, you might have already discovered that they are hard to come by. Research for this article confirmed the paucity. Fewer brands carry the King size although there are several King sized weighted blankets that are popular purchases and highly rated. This write-up provides …

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Weighted Blankets for Seniors. Are Helpful for Insomnia?

Weighted Blanket Review

Are weighted blankets for seniors safe and are they really helpful for conditions such as insomnia? Restless sleepers know that the struggle they experience every night is not only real but also extremely frustrating. Keep in mind that the use of weighted blankets and different kinds of pillows are only two of various options to …

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Arthritis and Insomnia. A Sure Recipe for Senior Falls

Arthritis and Insomnia

Arthritis and insomnia are a dangerous combination and generally go hand-in-hand like Siamese twins. If you have arthritis, you probably find that you have difficulty going to sleep. How can you go to sleep anyway when you are experiencing a throbbing or aching pain in your joints? The tossing and turning all night long prevents …

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