Mobile Phones for the Hearing Impaired. How to Select

Mobile Phones for the Hearing Impaired

People experiencing different degrees of hearing loss find phone conversations difficult and frustrating. They require mobile phones for the hearing impaired to compensate for the lack of physical interaction during a phone call which compounds hearing difficulties. This is because they cannot read the other person’s lips or facial expressions to try to understand the …

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Best Cell Phones For Senior Citizens. How to Select

Best Cell Phones For Senior Citizens

Selecting the best cell phones for senior citizens is just as much of a personal choice as with any other purchase. It starts with deciding the type of phone, looking for a model that fits the allocated budget which has features that meet personal needs. As a senior looking for a new mobile phone, this …

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Best Alarm Clocks for Seniors. How to Compare

Best Alarm Clocks for Seniors

Hunting for the best alarm clocks for seniors is not an easy venture. There are numerous brands on the market and many of them look very similar. The trick is to be able to quickly compare their features using similar criteria because even though they may look similar, many brands come with slightly different features …

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Clarity Phone Reviews. Corded Clarity AltoPlus™Model

Clarity Phone Reviews

Clarity Phone Reviews provide a deep dive into some popular model phones for seniors. This review of the corded Clarity AltoPlus™ seniors model takes a closer look at this amplified phone designed for severe hearing loss sufferers, and especially for those that use hearing aids. One phone on the market that is suitable for people …

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Clarity Phone Reviews. Popular CLAR545051 Alto Plus

Clarity Phone Reviews

The Clarity Phone Reviews focus on popular phones for seniors. This review of the Clarity CLAR545051 Alto Plusamplified corded model for seniors takes a closer look at this design because of its hearing aid compatibility. Aging typically brings along hearing related problems. There are several ways by which this can be addressed including the use …

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Top Cordless Phones For Seniors. The Confusing Clarity XLC

Amplified Cordless Phones For Seniors

This article on the Top Cordless Phones for Seniors Clarity XLC Series compares the similarities and differences between four phone models from the Clarity brand. Take a look at these cordless phones and you seem to think that they are identical. They are not. The main difference appears to be with their model numbers – …

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Panasonic Cordless Phone Review. Popular KXTGM450S For Seniors

Panasonic Cordless Phone Review

The Panasonic Cordless Phone Review of the KXTGM450S model for seniors takes a closer look at this popular Panasonic design because it is one of the few phones that is hearing aid compatible. Furthermore it has several feature enhancements tailored to provide a positive phone experience. Hearing problems are common, and more so in older …

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Top Cordless Phones For Seniors. Popular Panasonic KXTGM400 Series

Top Cordless Phones For Seniors

This article on “Top Cordless Phones for Seniors Panasonic KXTG400 Series” highlights the differences between four very similar phone models. At first glance these cordless phones for seniors look exactly the same. The only difference appears to be their model numbers – KXTGM420W, KXTGM470W, KXTGM450S and KXTG490S. Moreover, the manufacturer product details provided do not …

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Big Button Phones for Seniors. Why Corded Amplified Options?

Big Button Phones For Seniors

Big button phones for seniors that are amplified are designed for older eyes, the hearing impaired and those with memory issues. They help remove the frustration and guesswork that typically accompany making calls as aging progresses. It is well documented that the unavoidable changes in seniors and the elderly as they age are difficulty hearing, …

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Amplified Cordless Phones for Seniors. Are they Better?

Amplified Cordless Phones for Seniors

There comes a time when standard telephones are no longer functionally adequate for many aging adults. Amplified cordless phones for seniors provide options to explore. There are many amplified cordless phones to choose from. How do you know which one is the best fit for your needs or the needs of the senior person you …

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