The Best Anti Inflammatory Foods to Eat. A Lengthy List

The Best Anti Inflammatory Foods

Knowing the best anti inflammatory foods to eat is important when persistent inflammation occurs in the body. The immune system in the body is triggered by foreign objects such as invading microbes, plant pollen, toxins or chemicals producing some inflammation to protect the health of the body. Unfortunately, some bouts of inflammation can become persistent …

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The Thyroid And Autoimmune Disease. Look for these Symptoms

The Thyroid and Autoimmune Disease

The thyroid and autoimmune disease is a topic which can be confusing if you do not understand the differences between hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Thyroid problems are much more common than people realize. The thyroid is linked to two types of autoimmune diseases in the body. This article describes the common signs and symptoms that indicate …

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Immune System and Aging. In Simple language

The Immune System and Aging

To understand the immune system and aging requires some knowledge about the immune system and its normal functioning. The immune system protects the body from harmful or foreign objects. It is the body’s very own “military brigade” with front-line soldiers and Generals! These include bacteria, viruses, fungi, cancer cells and other harmful organisms. A healthy …

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Tired Vs Fatigue. Do Seniors Know Which One?

Tired vs Fatigue

Many use the terminologies tired vs fatigue interchangeably, but do they mean the same thing? Increasingly more so, as a senior, you hear of the terms “being tired”, “fatigued”, “exhausted” or “lethargic”, and you wonder at the distinctions between them and whether there are differences. As we age, our energy levels and endurance gradually decrease, …

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Changes in the Body with Age. Avoid Surprise

4 Generations of men

How old do you feel? “Not that old” you might say, but your mirror tells you a different story. Physical changes in the body with age are certainly more noticeable. Do you ever wonder how on earth did those extra laugh lines or wrinkles appear seemingly overnight? You may also wonder why there were only …

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Foot Pain in Seniors. Can be Agonizing

Foot Pain In Seniors

Foot care is sometimes overlooked, yet foot pain in seniors, when it occurs, can be agonizing. Everything in our body ages. There is no downplaying that fact. There is however one organ that determines the level of mobility and independence of seniors and the elderly. This is the foot. We generally tend to focus on …

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Changes in the Body With Age. Mental Function

Magic cube

Changes in the body with age develop because the efficiencies of all working systems in our bodies gradually decline. This can be quite frustrating for older adults. The brain is no exception. Researching the internet for articles to better understand changes in the body with age – being in my golden years, and fast approaching …

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