Clarity Phone Reviews – Corded Clarity AltoPlus™Model

Clarity Phone Reviews provide a deep dive into some popular model phones for seniors. This review of the corded Clarity AltoPlus™ seniors model takes a closer look at this amplified phone designed for severe hearing loss sufferers, and especially for those that use hearing aids.

One phone on the market that is suitable for people with mild, moderate and severe hearing loss related problems is the Clarity AltoPlus™ amplified corded telephone.

The manufacturer claims that this phone is the first on the market to pass the industry standards for amplified telephones (TIA-4953).

Since this article was previously written, Clarity has come up with a model that is a combination of the CLAR545051 and the AltoPlus Model. Refer to it at these links : Clarity Phone Reviews – Popular CLAR5450S1 AltoPlus

Clarity AltoPlus™ -This standalone model is currently unavailable – Discontinued

Clarity Alto Plus
Clarity AltoPlus™


  • Item Weight: 1.31 kg
  • Product Dimensions :33.02 x 29.97 x 10.80 cm
  • Color: Two-tone, Brown and Black
  • Telephone Style: Corded
  • Cellular Technology: GPRS
  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Amplification: 53dB
  • Oversize, bright, Visual Ringer – Extra Loud Amplified Ringer volume – up to 100 dB
  • Tone Control allows customization of the amplifier
  • Caller ID Screen/ Display Type : LCD with large font
  • Battery backup lets you make calls when the power goes out (batteries included)
  • Desk Phone or wall mount
  • Jack: 2.5mm headset/ 3.5mm neck loop jack
  • T-coil Technology


Clarity Alto Plus
Clarity AltoPlus™
  • Amplified Big Button Corded Phone
  • Amplifies incoming sounds up to 53 decibels and outgoing speech up to 15 decibels
  • Oversize, bright Visual Ringer
  • Large tilting LCD display with large font – easy to see and read
  • Set Ringer Tone Volume up to 110 dB
  • Handset Volume Control
  • Big Button Illuminated Talking Keypad / Talking Caller ID
  • Clarity VoiceAssist Talking Keypad
  • Three (3) One-touch Speed Dial Memory Buttons
  • One-Touch Customer support button
  • Telephone Speakerphone
  • 3 One-Touch Memory Buttons
  • TIA-4953 certified for mild, moderate and severe hearing loss
  • Digital Clarity Power™ incorporates hearing aid technology for clearer call quality
  • Clarity AudioCenter featuring ergonomic volume and tone control
  • Soft touch back light keypad
  • Headset, neck loop and bed shaker ports
  • TIA-1083 compliant for hearing aid compatibility

Clarity AltoPlus™ Phone Reviews – Seniors Model

Clarity AltoPlus™ is a popular choice because of its hearing aid compatibility. Seniors need to be careful when selecting amplified phone options to ensure that they only select those compatible with their hearing aids in order not to damage them.

The AltoPlus™ is suitable for people with severe hearing loss, according to the product details provided by the manufacturer.

Who Manufactures the Clarity AltoPlus™ Amplified Phone ?

Clarity is a company with a long history and was founded by Wesley Walker from North Georgia and initially called Walker Equipment.

The company started manufacturing handsets for public telephones and by 1977 had a breakthrough with the patent of its Diode Bridge—a technology necessary for amplified handsets.

This breakthrough helped the company to develop the world’s smallest and lightest test set in 1984.

In 1986, Plantronics acquired Walker Equipment and expanded into international markets. In 1989, the company introduced a patented amplification technology called Clarity Power™.

Less than 10 years later telephones made by Walker Equipment were being sold across the United States, and across Europe.

The company changed its name to Clarity because of the success of its Clarity Power™ products. It has grown over the last four decades to become the U.S. leader in amplified telephony.

The company boasts of several accomplishments in the industry which include the first phone with digital sound processing, first cellphone for seniors; and in 2010, the first remote access technology for telephones.

Furthermore, the Clarity brand has a wide range of additional products to assist seniors with other hearing loss related needs they face as they age. These include reduced vision, mobility, and dexterity issues.

Clarity Phone Reviews – How Does the Clarity AltoPlus™ Corded Amplified Phone Work?

The Clarity AltoPlus™ is similar to the CLAR545051 in operation. Additional features of the Clarity AltoPlus™ include:

  • TIA-4953 certified for mild, moderate and severe hearing loss
  • Digital Clarity Power™ incorporates hearing aid technology for clearer call quality
  • Clarity AudioCenter featuring ergonomic volume and tone control
  • Soft touch back light keypad
  • Headset, neck loop and bed shaker ports
  • TIA-1083 compliant for hearing aid compatibility

Audible / Visual Call Alerts

 Clarity AltoPlus™ - Visual and Talking Caller ID
Clarity AltoPlus™ – Visual and Talking Caller ID
  • Bright red LED visual ringers on the base unit and handsets also flash when someone calls.
  • The combination of the Clarity Talking Caller ID, visual ringer and the flashing handset not only alerts you audibly and visibly to incoming calls, but also tells you who’s calling
  • Built-in backup battery allows you to make and receive calls when the power goes out

Visual and Talking Caller ID

  • Flashes and announces name
  • Has large backlit LCD screen and easily visible buttons to make viewing the numbers and Caller ID easy as possible. The back light is bright enough for seniors with reduced vision

Amplification of Incoming and Outgoing Caller Voice

  • Caller can clearly hear and be heard by the other party
  • Volume is loud and clear and can be controlled for amplified caller voice volume up to 53 dB
  • Has amplified calling and amplified (extra loud) flashing ringer, to function effectively for reduced hearing individuals

Clarity Phone Reviews – Convenience Features

Power Backup, Speakerphone, Talking Caller ID, Talking Digit Keypad and Phone book, 3 Speed Dial numbers and Voice messaging.

What Did I Think of the Product?

The Clarity AltoPlus™ amplified corded telephone is designed for people with mild, moderate and severe hearing loss since the volume and tone settings are adjustable.

It is simple and easy to use, with a loud ringer, amplified volume and a bright LCD that makes it easy to read.

Allows the use of hearing aids because it is TIA-1083 hearing aid compatible.

Clarity Phone Reviews – Product Pros

  • Simple to use – plug and play
  • Minimizes background noise;
  • Enhances speech clarity; increases volume for soft sounds and decreases volume of loud sounds
  • Excellent voice amplification
  • Clarity representative can trouble shoot remotely and adjust phone settings
  • Adjustable in-coming sound control
  • Bright, easy to read screen unlike other phones
  • Red, bright flashing light alerts when there is an incoming call and when you have a message.

Clarity Phone Reviews – Product Cons

  • Only three One-Touch Memory buttons
  • Can only store 10 names / numbers in the phone book
  • Phone is not expandable

Final Verdict

This article is one in a series of Clarity phone reviews. The Clarity AltoPlus™ model was designed, to enhance the quality of life of seniors and the elderly. The phone addresses reduced vision and hearing loss, like other special amplified phones with big buttons. However, It is also designed for people with mild, moderate and severe hearing loss

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National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders -NIDCD (2012)


Clarity AltoPlus™


Minimizes background noise


Enhances speech clarity


Clarity Rep can remotely adjust settings


Nine one touch memory buttons


Excellent amplification



  • Good amplification
  • Reduces background noise
  • Improves clarity of speech


  • Not expandable
  • Three one-touch memory buttons

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  1. Hi Ceci,

    Thanks for introducing us to the Clarity AltoPlus for people with hearing loss. It’s good to see that a company is willing to help them with incoming phone calls for daily communications. I love how they make it audibly and visibly to tell you who is calling, which enhances the quality of life of seniors and the elderly indeed.

    I have concerns about the TIA-1083 compliant for hearing aid, meaning it is compatible with all hearing aids? or only those hearing aid models that are also compatible with TIA-1083? People need to be careful about this, right?


    • Thanks for the comment Matt.
      Anything that is certified as compliant with a regulatory standard is generally safe. So it is only for hearing aids compliant with TIA-1083. As usual, readers are encouraged to discuss with their hearing specialist for additional information and guidance.


  2. Thank you very much, Ceci, for this valuable and detailed information! I am searching for a telephone for my aunt, and Clarity seems to be good enough. She doesn’t need the phone to expand. The features are already excellent. So, I am pretty much pleased I don’t need to look any further. Keep your great work up!:)


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