Duvet Covers For Weighted Blankets – How to Select

Many brands sell duvet covers for weighted blankets separately. Just as there is a throve of weighted blankets in the market, there are also just as many duvet covers for weighted blankets as well.

It can be overwhelming to make a selection, as it is not as easy as one would like to imagine it. This is because some searches pull up more detailed information, while others have limited information.

There are several things you must consider before making your selection. Needless to say, many have found this out the hard way – including “yours truly”!

There is benefit in understanding what is available and what your requirements are since there are so many options on the market. Unfortunately, many manufacturers provide limited and different product information that make comparison very challenging.

Reviewing the different fabrics used to make duvet covers and their ability to assist with body temperature maintenance is an important criteria to consider for selecting your cover.

Are Duvet Covers for Weighted Blankets Necessary?

Duvet covers come in different colors and patterns, but those for weighted blankets must have a sturdy side zipper and ties to ensure the blanket remains housed within the cover.

Using a duvet cover helps protect a weighted blanket from spills and damage and reduces the frequency with which the blanket needs to be cleaned.

The obvious reason for needing a duvet cover is convenience. You only need to put the cover in the wash for easy cleaning.

Benefits of Duvet Covers for Weighted Blankets


Weighted Blankets are expensive and are usually a major investment for many people. Therefore, you need to protect your investment from spills, stains, dirt, dust and even your body moisture and sweat all of which can destroy the texture of your blanket.

A duvet cover can provide protection for your weighted blanket.

Washing is easy:

You no longer have to dread cleaning your heavy weighted blanket by dry cleaning (which is very expensive in itself) or machine washing (which could over time damage the blanket weighting).

All you need to do is remove the duvet covering and pop it in the wash. When dry, you put it back over the weighted blanket!. Most duvet covers appear to already be preshrunk and a few brands advertise this.

Re-decorating your bedroom:

Let’s face it, sometimes you get bored with the same look in your bedroom as the years roll by. You can re-decorate by simply changing the color or pattern of your duvet cover which are typically cheaper than purchasing a new weighted blanket or a duvet.

This can change your mood and quality of life tremendously.

Selection Criteria

After finally selecting a weighted blanket, read a previous article Weighted Blankets for Seniors – Safe for Insomnia?, it is a good idea to search for a duvet cover to protect your investment, since most are not sold with the covers,

Duvet covers typically come in various fabric materials such as cotton, bamboo or minky (velour).

Heavy fabric materials like minky or sherpa make the weighted blanket warm and cozy, while lightweight fabric materials such as bamboo and cotton, help keep the body dry and cool. Cotton provides all season comfort.

What about color? This may or may not be important to you and is worth giving some thought. Many brands offer only the more neutral colors, so it is easy to see that your choice of color and size can screen out or increase your selection options.

Ensure that you select whichever criteria suits your need.

Popular Duvet Cover for Weighted Blankets 60×80

Even after identifying your criteria for purchasing your weighted blanket, you also must determine the blanket size. This article only compares weighted blankets of 60″x 80″ size. Checking the prices of each will provide you with further details about other sizes, color and availability.

Using the three selection criteria it is easy to identify popular online buys.

Comparison of Some Best Duvet Covers for Weighted Blankets

Based on manufacturer information about features and online buyer reviews, pros and cons are provided.

Duvet Covers for Weighted BlanketsHABIBEE Removeable Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover (60″x 80″)
– Luxurious, plush minky fabric with partial embellishment
– Hidden zipper enclosure for removal and replacement
– Has 6 ties to attach to weighted blanket
– Machine wash at mild and low temperature
-Single dark grey color
Duvet Covers for Weighted BlanketsRelaxBlanket Duvet Cover (60″ x 80′)
– Comes in 11 color choices including soft minky dot
– Extended 59″ zipper closure for easy removal and
– Six connection points are designed between duvet cover and weighted
blanket to ensure the blanket does not slide around within the cover.
– Machine wash cold or dry clean
– No King size option
Duvet Covers for Weighted BlanketsBEDSURE Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover (90″x 90″)
– Covers come in either minky Navy Blue or Grey
– 100% Microfiber that is soft and does not aggravate sensitive skin.
NO balling, fading or even shrinkage.
– 16 hidden anti-slip corner straps inside duvet cover to prevent the blanket from rolling
– 3 sided zipper with double pull tab sliders
– Machine or hand wash
– Limited color variety
-No King size option
Fuzzy Weighted Blanket – Dual Season (Summer and Winter)Fuzzy Weighted Blanket Queen Size with 2 Duvet Covers for Hot & Cold Sleepers 
– Comes in 2colors – Navy
and Grey
– Twin, Queen and King sizes
– Free Shipping (Check details)
– Machine wash

– Quickly run out of stock due to popularity and therefore may not be
available when you want it or in the preferred size.
Popular Duvet Covers

Other Best Duvet Covers For Weighted Blankets

Duvet Covers for Weighted BlanketsDensityComfort Duvet Cover (60″x80″)
– Duvet covers come in Honey Comb minky cover, Diamond cover, Minky Dot cover and the all-new Cooling
Bamboo cover
– DensityComfort duvet covers are perfect for adults who want a full 48×72” or 60×80” weighted blanket fitting.
– Hidden zipper closure at the bottom, Long enough for you to put the duvet insert easily, Closes completely with
no open end
– 6 loops inside to hold the weighted blanket in place.
– Machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle, tumble dry at low heat
– Corner ties in all 4 corners prevent the insert from bunching up 
– Great customer service
– Duvet cover only comes in the 60″x 80″ size.
Duvet Covers for Weighted BlanketsMOSAIC Weighted Blanket Cotton Duvet Cover (60″x80″)
– 100% Breathable Cotton
– Comes in Kids, Twin, Throw , Full, Queen and King
– 5 color choices
– Machine wash on cold and air or dryer dry
– Comes with ties inside of duvet corners to secure the weighted blanket.
– Made in USA
– Cover designed to fit MOSAIC blankets
– If weighted blanket is bought alone, it will not have ties for attachment to a duvet cover. If however it is
bought together with a duvet cover, the manufacturer will fit the weighted blanket with ties as well.
Duvet Covers for Weighted BlanketsYnM Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover – Bamboo (60″ x 80″)
– YnM has 12 color / pattern choices so there is plenty to choose from although not all sizes may have all the colors.
– Duvet covers come in cotton, bamboo and minky in Kids, Twin or Queen or King
– Removable bamboo fabric duvet cover is made of 100% Natural Bamboo Viscose to keep cool and comfortable.
– Has fasteners in 8 places to prevent the weighted blanket from moving around in the cover
– Has a zipper closure for easy removal and replacement
– Pink print duvet cover is designed to perfectly fit the YnM weighted blanket (sold separately)
– Preshrunk fabric used; machine wash and tumble dry on low heat
– May not fit non YnM weighted blankets well. Check measurements before purchase
Duvet Covers for Weighted Blankets YnM Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover – Cotton (60″ x 80″)
– YnM has 12 color / pattern choices in the 60″ x 80″ size, so there is plenty to choose from although not all sizes
may have all the colors
– Duvet covers come in cotton, bamboo and minky in Kids, Twin or King or Queen
– 100 % breathable cotton fabric is for all season, year round
– Specifically designed to fasten in eight places to the YnM weighted blanket insert to prevent the blanket from sliding around.
– Zipper closure makes the machine washable duvet cover easy to remove and replace for spot cleaning
– Preshrunk; machine wash and tumble dry on low heat
– May not fit non YnM weighted blankets well. Check measurements before purchase
Other Popular Duvet Covers

Conclusion – Best Duvet Covers for Weighted Blankets

Now you have seen that selecting duvet covers for weighted blankets requires careful thought, and should be based on distinct criteria.

These start with the purpose of use, which helps in the selection of fabric type – Cotton (all season), bamboo (cooling) or minky / sherpa (warming). This is then followed by size (of bed) and color.

Duvet covers are a convenient necessity and are worth the cost to protect your weighted blanket investment.

Do you know other good duvet covers we may have missed in this article? Please leave a comment in the Comment box below to inform us.

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    • Yes, duvet covers protect your weighted blanket. Although a few say you can wash them, I wouldn’t do so as they can damage your washer or dryer as they toss about inside. I’ve personally have had my weighted blanket for almost 3 years and never washed it once – just been changing the duvet covers. When I do decide that I want a deep clean, I will get it dry cleaned.


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