Fashion Walking Canes – How to Ensure Safety

Fashion walking canes usually come with a decorative handle or stylish shaft, but for seniors, color and comfortable handles are the norm creating a classy look.

These dressy walking canes are not the regular run of the mill boring walking aids and many fashionable canes come in a variety of colors to accommodate the preference of most seniors.

Fashionable Walking Canes

While a walking cane is a mobility aid that supports a user’s body weight by shifting and distributing it from an affected leg to the upper body to enhance body movement, it differs from a designer cane.

Fashionable walking canes, also called designer walking canes, are usually lightweight but still provide better balance, but the design is more for a stylish look.

There are lots to choose from in the market and choice should be carefully made. It is recommended that you always compare the weight bearing capacity of the walking cane to ensure that the  purchase is safe and suitable for your weight.

This is because designer canes are generally not as sturdy as regular canes although they are much prettier.

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Nova Medical Lightweight Adjustable Designer Canes with Offset Handles

Fashion Walking Canes
Nova Medical Lightweight Adjustable Designer Cane with Offset Handle
Fashion Walking Canes
Nova Medical Lightweight Adjustable Designer Cane with Offset Handle
Fashion Walking Canes
Nova Medical Lightweight Adjustable Designer Cane with Offset Handle

Features and Specifications

  • Lightweight, sturdy cane with an offset shape that provides excellent support for the wrist.
  • Cane weight is  1 pound with a 300 pound weight capacity
  • Handle height adjustable from 30″-39″ (approximate user height 4’11” – 6’4″)
  • Chip and fade resistant designer style, comes with a soft foam grip which is comfortable for the hands
  • Locking silencer keeps the cane safe and prevents rattle
  • Comes with convenient carry strap and long-lasting slip resistant rubber tip
  • 28 design colors and prints- Bingo Nights,  Black, Black w/Blue & Pink flowers,  Blue,  Blue Porcelain,  Blue Waves,  Bronze Butterflies,  Butterfly Symphony,  Camouflage,  Canterbury,  Casino Days,  Celestial,  Flower Power Green, Green Paisley,  Green Plaid,  Hounds tooth,  Leopard,  Mahogany Swirl,  Maui Flowers, Pink Garden, Pink Petal Power,  Proud Peacock,  Purple Bliss,  Purple Checkers,  Red Bliss, Roses, Silver Stars & Stripes, and Walnut Grain

Fashion Walking Canes – Nova Medical Compact Collapsible Travel ClickCane with Strap

Features and Specifications

Fashion Walking Canes
Nova Medical Compact Collapsible Travel ClickCane with Strap – Peacock
Fashion Walking Canes
Nova Medical Compact Collapsible Travel ClickCane with Strap – Butterfly

The ClickCane collapses and expands with the push of a button and can collapse down compactly, making it suitable for travel and easy storage in a bag or purse It easily adjusts to four different heights. It is the lightest cane weighing only 0.65 lb.

  • Made with lightweight, durable aluminum and comes with a sturdy rubber tip.
  • Cane finish is vibrant and chip resistant
  • The Cane weight is 0.65 pound with a weight capacity of 250 pounds
  • It is compact, collapsible and with just a click, it transforms from a full-length walking cane to a compact size which can fit in a purse, pocket, or bag.
  • Handle has a durable soft rubber grip
  • Cane comes with a convenient and comfortable wrist strap
  • There are 4 adjustment size options (between 29.25” – 35.75”)  for user height approximately between 4’11” and 6’1”.
  • Folded cane dimension is only: 4.75”W x 16”L.
  • 5 print colors – Butterflies, Maui Flowers, Proud Peacock, Blue Waves and Black.

Nova Medical Palm Grip Orthopedic Handle Walking Cane – For Users with Weak Hands, Arthritis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Fashion Walking Canes
Nova Medical Palm Grip Orthopedic Handle Walking Cane

Features and Specifications

  • Cane is made of high-quality aluminum which is durable, has a  chip and fade resistant finish and long-lasting slip resistant rubber tip.
  • Designed with a palm grip orthopedic handle which  is more comfortable than standard hand grip canes, because the design with large palm surface provides added support to reduce discomfort and hand fatigue. The cane is suited for users with weak hands, arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Select option to purchase for either the right or the left hand  and 4 style options because the Palm Grip handle is uniquely designed to mold of your right or left hand.
  • Cane weight is 1 pound with a 300 pounds weight capacity.
  • Adjustable design provides optimal support and comfort for the arm and wrist. Adjusts from 29.75” – 38.75” for approximate user height: 4’11” – 6”4”.
  • An anti-rattle lock adjustment with a push button prevents rattling of the cane.
  • 3 colors – Black, Porcelain and  Camouflage prints

Fashion Walking Canes
Essential Medical Designer Offset Handle Cane

Fashion Walking Canes – Essential Medical Designer Offset Handle Cane

Features and Specifications

Offset canes come highly recommended by physical therapists because of the design which therefore makes them very comfortable.

  • Constructed from reinforced 7/8” aluminum shaft for sturdiness and has a metal reinforced cane tip
  • Cane has a soft durable foam handle that contours to the hand making it well suited for seniors with arthritic hands
  • Cane weight is approximately 1.2 pounds. The cane will support up to 250 pounds and uses a 3/4″ replacement tip.
  • The height is adjustable from 31″ to 39″ to accommodate most heights up to 6’ 4”         
  • Includes wrist strap
  • 6 print colors – Butterfly pink, Hounds tooth, Morning Glory, Paisley, Scotch Plaid, and Burgundy

Nova Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Offset Designer Canes

Fashion Walking Canes
Nova Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Offset Designer Cane

The Heavy Duty Offset Cane is extra sturdy because of its Bariatric design and comes in 7 bright colors and prints – Blue Waves, Butterfly Symphony, Maui Flowers, Purple, Black, Pink Garden and Silver.

Features and Specifications

  • Durable and chip resistant cane is made of high-quality lightweight aluminum, beautiful chip and fade resistant finish
  • Long-lasting slip resistant rubber tip
  • Cane weight is 2 pounds with a 500 pounds weight capacity
  • Adjusts from 30” – 39” for approximate user height: 4’11” – 6”4”.
  • Push button feature for easy adjustment
  • Anti-rattle lock sets the adjustment and prevents cane rattle
  • Foam hand grip comes with a convenient carrying strap

SeniorCom Guarantee


Fashion walking canes do not only meet the function of providing balance but are  confidence boosting and spirit uplifting for seniors. There is  a wide variety of design colors to choose from. The most important criteria for selection should be the weight bearing capacity of the cane to ensure safety of the user since most fashionable walking canes are lightweight.


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8 thoughts on “Fashion Walking Canes – How to Ensure Safety”

  1. I like the designs on these fashion walking canes. The peacock and butterfly ones are very pretty, and I think that having fashionable canes can give the owner more confidence. They look nice.
    When would you need a sturdier cane and when can you get a lighweight cane? What is the difference?

    • A sturdier cane would be necessary to accommodate weight. That is the reason why I constantly highlight the weight bearing capacity of a cane so that you can check if the cane is suitable for you. If your weight exceeds the manufacturer weight bearing capacity, then you should not purchase, no matter how pretty the cane looks, because it will be unsafe for you.


  2. Having to use a cane can feel quite limiting, so the ability to bring a bit of personality to it can sometimes help the user feel themselves. These have some great designs on them.

    Thanks for the guide…

  3. Honestly I hope I won’t ever need these canes but, realistically speaking, it is good to know and absorb this kind of information too. I like the way you chose to share your informational post: in a very detailed and accurate manner so that any potential client have a clear idea about the available options he or she can opt for so thank you for sharing your valuable ideas and knowledge.

    Best wishes,

    Ana Maria.

  4. Hi Ceci,

    The collapsible models are suitable for travel and everyday use, and I think my parents will love the convenience they bring. I wonder whether they come with a warranty or a free replacement policy. It helps my parents have more confidence in the product quality and the company behind it. 🙂


    • Hi Matt,
      Many of the canes are generally not very expensive and do not have offer of warranty on the product information provided by the manufacturer. So long as you select a cane for the right weight capacity, if there is damage, I would still reach out to the company. I will also look into this for you


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