Foot Pain in Seniors – Can be Painful

Foot Pain In Seniors

Foot care is sometimes overlooked, yet foot pain in seniors, when it occurs, can be painful and agonizing. Everything in our body ages. There is no downplaying that fact. However one organ determines the level of mobility and independence of seniors and the elderly. This is the foot. We generally tend to focus on the …

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Poor Balance in Seniors – Why Oh Why?

Poor Balance in Seniors

Poor balance in seniors and the elderly is associated with an increased risk of debilitating falls. As we age, due to weakening of our muscles and reduced bone density, we lose physical strength and may experience various forms of deterioration in our sense of balance. These changes increase our risks of falling. What causes loss …

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Best Shoes for Seniors – Wonder How to Select?

Best Shoes For Seniors

As the years roll by, changes occur in every organ of our bodies, and the foot is no exception. At this stage, what would be the best shoes for seniors? Sadly, many seniors are by this stage suffering from one foot ailment or the other resulting from years of wearing incorrectly fitting shoes which have …

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Foot Problems and Diabetes – Why Important for Seniors?

Smiley faces drawn on each toe of the sole of a foot

Foot problems and diabetes seem to go hand in hand because foot problems are common among people with diabetes. Although you constantly monitor your blood glucose, you find that you always seem to have painful or swollen feet. Consulting your healthcare provider is always recommended. This article provides information about the causes of foot problems …

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Shoes for Diabetics – How to Choose

Mens Propet Life Walker Strap Sneaker

Hunting for shoes for diabetics can be challenging. Swollen feet and the foot pain associated with diabetes require an understanding of the condition of the feet to help them identify specific wants in the shoes they want to purchase. There are a variety of shoes on the market but making a choice can be difficult. …

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Shoes for Arthritis – Compare Stylish Options


Hunting for shoes for arthritis sufferers can be challenging. Most come in the traditional black color and stylish options are hard to come by. The best options for arthritis sufferers are crafted for sport players and come in various design and material specifications to create comfort for the user. For people with feet that may …

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Walking Sticks and Canes – How to Choose Bariatric Options

Elderly Couple Walking Slowly - Changes in the Body with Age

The key benefit of walking sticks and canes is to provide balance, comfort, support for user body, and prevent slips and falls. This is why medical experts recommend them to the aged, disabled, injured, people at risk of falling, and those having severe joint pains. Furthermore, they are the most common mobility aids on the …

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Senior Mobility Aids – How To Prevent Slips And Falls

Sign warning that falls are possible

The ability of seniors and the elderly to remain mobile and independent becomes very important to them as they age. Using the right senior mobility aids can help them avoid slips, trips and falls which result in fractures that invariably land them in the hospital. While some reduction of mobility with age is normal, more …

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Fashion Walking Canes – How to Ensure Safety

Nova Medical Lightweight Adjustable Designer Cane with Offset Handle

Fashion walking canes usually come with a decorative handle or stylish shaft, but for seniors, color and comfortable handles are the norm creating a classy look. These dressy walking canes are not the regular run of the mill boring walking aids and many fashionable canes come in a variety of colors to accommodate the preference …

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Best Folding Canes – Do Not Travel Without One

Best Folding Canes

The initial design of walking canes did not anticipate their package inside standard size luggage for travel. The best folding canes that are now available have been designed to meet this function as they are capable of folding into a compact size to fit in travel luggage. Most folding canes fit neatly into their own …

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The Causes of Poor Blood Circulation – in Aging Adults

Blood vessel with accumulation of fatty deposits narrowing the flow of blood cells

The causes of poor blood circulation in aging adults are primarily due to various age-related changes in the cardiovascular system and other factors. This article explores these major changes and how they contribute to poor blood circulation, how to quickly improve blood circulation, and offers some useful management tips. Main Causes of Poor Blood Circulation …

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Compression Leg Socks – How to Select and Buy

Doc Miller Black Unisex Compression Socks

Compression leg socks are specially designed to apply graduated pressure on the legs and feet to improve blood circulation. They can be beneficial for various purposes if they are properly understood and used. This article discusses the different types of compression socks available, their benefits, and factors to consider when buying them for yourself or …

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How to Select and Buy Womens Compression Socks

Womens Compression Socks

Why buy womens compression socks? Because these socks are designed with women primarily in mind since men and women calves are not shaped the same way, although there are several unisex compression socks available in the market. Receive guidance on how to select and buy womens compression socks to improve poor circulation in the legs …

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Compression Socks For Men or Women- Better Than Unisex?

Legs in fashionable socks - Compression Socks for Men or Women

Are compression socks for men or women superior to their unisex counterparts? For improving blood circulation in the legs, this debate has gained momentum. This article explores the use of compression socks, discussing whether gender-specific designs truly outshine the convenience of unisex options, allowing you to make an informed choice for your well-being. Differences – …

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The Best Copper Infused Compression Socks – Are There Benefits?

Inflammation in the hip

The best copper infused compression socks are designed to provide graduated pressure to the legs and feet while the woven copper ions in the fabric are claimed to provide health benefits. There are fewer brands of copper infused compression socks in the market than regular type brands. These socks are often marketed as a way …

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Copper Fit Compression Socks for Men – What to Look For

Ankle Copper Fit Compression Socks For Men

Copper Fit Compression Socks for men are for those tired of living with discomfort, or tired swollen legs after a long day of work, sitting, or from an intense workout. Many men face similar issues, so it is good to know that you are not alone! But are copper fit compression socks anything other than …

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Best Black Mens Compression Socks – 7 Reasons for Popularity

Rahhint Coolmax 3-pack Mens 3 pack Compression Socks

Black colored mens compression socks are very popular but with so many brands out there, which one should you buy? Once again, due diligence is required so you do not end up picking up a pair that does not adequately suit your needs. While this article briefly reviews the benefits, types, length options, and fit, …

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5 Best Compression Socks for Women – Plus Sizes


Finding your correct compression socks for women in plus size is an absolute must, if you want to ensure comfort and effectiveness. Know what to look for before you buy. This article evaluates the best compression socks for women and provides tips when considering compression socks in plus sizes including how to take measurements for …

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Safety in the Bedroom – 11 Best Senior Products

A fallen Asian senior man from his wheelchair lying on the grass bad being assisted by a woman - Safety in the Bedroom

Safety in the bedroom is a top concern, especially for aging family members where the risk of falls loom large. They can lead to not just physical injuries but emotional scars as well. Imagine a peaceful night’s sleep, waking up to a bright, beautiful morning, and feeling secure in the comfort of your bedroom. For …

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