How To Choose Accessories for a Rollator – Check Features

Considering how to choose accessories for a rollator goes hand-in-hand with carefully looking at features such as personal living space needs, and the intended lifestyle use.

It is a good idea to review available rollator feature options and accessories before deciding which accessories to buy.

After all, accessories are meant to add value to the rollator, and should not be bought if they are not an absolute need. Furthermore, some rollators already come with accessories, so a careful choice of the rollator is helpful.

There is currently a wide array of rollators in the marketplace each with different features and it can become quite overwhelming to wade through all this information.

This article will guide you on the features to check to suit your personal needs and living space and provide information on different types of accessories.

Rollator Features

When selecting the best rollator consider your needs and living space. Four-wheel rollators are generally available in two options. These are a standard rollator or a bariatric rollator

Assuming there are no major medical conditions (refer to a previous article How to Choose a Rollator. Benefits For These Medical Conditions), check the the following important features.

These include the intended lifestyle use (indoors or outdoors), navigability – moving through narrow areas, and weight of the rollator if frequent transportation will be required.

Other features to consider are the adjustability of the rollator seat height and handlebars and brakes.

How To Choose a Rollator – Intended Lifestyle Use

Do you plan to use the rollator only indoors or wish to also use it outside? If you plan to use the rollator on outside terrain, a more durable design is required.

Such designs usually have larger tires (8 to 10 inches in size) to provide stability not only inside but over the rougher, uneven terrain outside while many brands have tires that do not accumulate dirt on them and bring them into the home.

These heavy-duty rollators will have hand brakes, a seat to accommodate rest stops, and in many cases a storage space to keep personal items or other supplies.

Bear in mind that as the lifestyle use requirement becomes more specialized, the more expensive the rollator becomes because of the added features and safety considerations.

A Range of Specialized Rollator Choices

LifeWalker UpWalker Lite Folding Rolling Upright Mobility Walker – Weighs Only 15.5 lbs

The UPWalker Lite addresses the deficiencies of conventional walkers, including fall risk, slouching, and lack of user confidence and comfort.

Unlike walkers that force you to hunch over putting painful pressure on your wrists and back, the UPWalker Lite is designed to support you in a secure upright position giving you better posture so you have more confidence and less pain.

Ergoactives Roller-GO Double Foldable Rollator Walker with Forearm Support

The Roller-GO folds both vertically and horizontally at the push of a button. According to the manufacturer, it is the only one in the market with ergonomic padded forearm support.

This makes it easy to transport. It adds comfort, balance, and more safety for walking purposes.

There is more legroom than traditional rollators especially where the user’s legs are placed when walking with the rollator.

In-Step Mobility U-Step 2 Foldable Walking Stabilizer with Press Down Brakes

The U-Step 2 was created to increase independence. It has a patented U-shaped base and this ultra-stable foundation protects every direction.

It is not like pushing a typical walker because the U-Step 2 surrounds its user and moves with them.

This creates a feeling of stability as if holding onto another person’s arm.

The innovative braking system is easy to use. The U-Step 2 will not roll unless the user is ready to walk.

When the user lightly squeezes either brake release lever, the unit will begin to roll as they move.

Once the lever is released, the unit will stop immediately. This feature is particularly helpful when standing up from a chair because the unit will not roll away.

How to Choose a Rollator – Consider Living Space

If the living space is small, a three-wheel rollator is recommended.

These models are more lightweight than the Standard rollator and are very convenient for navigating small and narrow spaces because they are easy to maneuver around furniture and corners.

Adjustable Seat and Handlebars

To get the most comfortable design for your body, rollators that are adjustable are beneficial. These rollators enable adjustment of the seat height and handlebars to provide a custom fit to the body frame.

These adjustments must be made correctly to provide safe and stable movement for seniors or the elderly using the rollator.

The height of the seat at ground level allows for safe, easy sitting and rising in the rollator while the right handle height allows users to grip the rollator handles best.

Seat Options – How To Choose A Rollator

There may be padded or unpadded seats depending on the rollator design. The padded seat option provides greater comfort especially over rough terrain, while, unpadded seats are extra stable and easier to clean.

Brake Options

Most rollators have brakes on the handles to provide extra safety and the ability to stop and go at will. There are two types. The loop break or a push-down brake.

Many seniors have little difficulty using the loop brake. The exception is those with severe arthritis.

On the other hand, the push-down brake is a better option for seniors and the elderly who have hand dexterity issues.

How To Choose a Rollator – Weight Capacity

A Standard rollator is usually considered as lightweight at approximately 6.8 kg (15 lbs.)

The maximum weight it can support is approximately 114 – 137 kg (250 – 300 lbs.), depending on the brand.

For weights over this threshold, heavy-duty Bariatric rollators that can support weights from 159 – 318 kg (350 – 700 lbs.) depending on the brand are recommended.

They also have lower seats to allow for easy standing and sitting without placing too much pressure on the feet.

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Rollators that come with a collapsible feature are called folding rollators as they collapse in the middle, allowing for a flatter and more compact frame.

This is good for transporting them from home to car or bus and more conveniently onto airplanes.

How to Choose Accessories for a Rollator

Rollator and walker accessories allow individuals to customize them to their specific needs, and provide added comfort, safety and independence of the senior or elderly.

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Universal Carry All Pouch-
EZ-ACCESS Mobility Accessories

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Supregear Universal Accessories Bag for Walker, Wheelchair, Rollator, Scooters

Some rollators already come with certain accessories such as a storage basket, but many accessories are sold separately.

Most accessories are better suited to rollators, although a few like the pouch and oxygen tank carrier may be used with most walker types.

Typically the pouch attaches to the front of a walker or attaches to the back of a rollator,

Certain rollator brands allow the upgrade of different parts, like handles with a better grip or a larger seat.

Some accessories are reviewed below by category, while a separate upcoming article provides a more comprehensive discussion.


  • A basket walker caddy is usually a plastic 5 inch-deep carrying container that fits inside the walker’s handles, allowing the user to carry items from room to room without hindering the user’s hands.
  • The Storage basket offers a convenient area to place items when shopping or traveling while using the walker.
  • Organizer pouch – This pouch will hold and secure personal items within its pockets so the user does not have to use a hand to carry any items

Rollator Accessories

Feeding Related Rollator Accessories

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B08LMCKCST&Format= SL160 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=CA&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=mhub08 20&language=en CAir?t=mhub08 20&language=en CA&l=li2&o=15&a=B08LMCKCST

Accmor 2-in-1 Cup and Phone Holder for Walker, Wheelchair, Rollator, Mobility Scooter

  • Cup or cane holder– This assists the user to transport a cane or a cup while using the rollator. In the event, they encounter places where a walker may not fit they can shift to using the cane to move about
  • Drinking system device –Allows the user to carry the liquid in a back carrying-case, and to drink the liquid by biting and sucking on the mouthpiece from the drinking system without spilling
  • Walker tray –This is a tray that attaches to the walker. The tray provides extra carrying space to carry drinks and personal items from room to room or to be used as a stable working surface.

Miscellaneous Rollator Accessories

  • Rollator light accessory – This is a flashlight that attaches to a rolling-walker, helping to safely light the way of the user in darkened areas. Some light accessories will turn on/off utilizing a motion sensor, keeping it a hands-free device.
  • Oxygen tank holder – Usually used for C and/or D oxygen tanks, the oxygen tank holder allows the walker user to carry and use oxygen while using the rollator
  • Walker hand pads – Hand pads can come in different materials, but the reason for the hand pads is to reduce hand discomfort and to help wick away sweat from the palms when gripping a walker.

Conclusion – How to Choose Accessories for a Rollator

For seniors and the elderly, knowing how to choose accessories for a rollator is important for their safety and comfort.

Rollators will greatly enhance the quality of life and independence of a senior, but these benefits will only come from knowing what to look for in the features of a rollator.


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