Shoes for Arthritis – Compare Stylish Options

Hunting for shoes for arthritis sufferers can be challenging. Most come in the traditional black color and stylish options are hard to come by.

The best options for arthritis sufferers are crafted for sport players and come in various design and material specifications to create comfort for the user.

For people with feet that may be painful, swollen, wider and deeper than the average foot, finding footwear that is both comfortable and suitable for all occasions, including social events can be a difficult task.

FitVille has a patented technology which is ergonomically designed to prevent foot discomfort in a wide range of foot problems of which arthritis is included. This article solely focuses on the FitVille sneaker designs for arthritic feet.

Causes of Arthritis

  • Age – The joints begin to wear out as a result of regular every day use. This is explained as general wear and tear.
  • Genetics – There is a high likelihood of occurrence if parents and/or grandparents have the condition
  • Body weight.- Being overweight causes stress to the joints, especially in the back, knees, feet and ankles which can result in arthritis.
  • Abnormalities from birth.
  • General Injuries that damage specific parts of the body can cause arthritis directly to the injured part, or damage adjacent parts to compensate for the injury.

How Arthritis Affects Wearing of Shoes in Seniors

Arthritis is more common in aging adults and occurs because of inflammation of an area in or around a joint thereby causing pain, stiffness in the joint and difficulty moving, Refer to What is Arthritis? Focus on Seniors .

Some forms of arthritis also affect other parts of the body like the ankle, wrists and the foot.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis commonly present with inflammation and swelling in the feet. These symptoms can deteriorate into foot conditions like bunions, hammertoes, or other foot deformities if proper foot care treatment does not occur.

Wearing shoes without the appropriate shock absorbing capacity can make walking exceptionally painful for arthritis sufferers.

The best shoes for arthritis sufferers will therefore require adequate room for stiff, swollen or contracted joints along with maximum cushioning and support to the feet.

Must Haves in Shoes for Arthritis Sufferers

  • Absolutely no High Heels to prevent slips and trips. If heels are desired, only low, thick and comfortable heels should be worn.
  • Wide Toe Box to provide the feet with lots of movement space
  • Added Cushioning and Shock Absorbing
  • Ergonomic Arching
  • If foot conditions like bunions or hammertoes are present, a shoe with stretchable Lycra material is preferred to reduce friction against the toes.
  • An adjustable strap or tie less lacing system can help with easy fastening of the shoe if arthritic hands make it difficult to tie shoe laces.

Features of Specially Designed Shoes for Feet Support by FitVille

FitVille has a wide range of sneaker shoes designed for several foot problems. – Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet, Heel Pain, Bunions, Hammer Toe, Diabetics, Neuropathy, Arthritis and Morton’s Neuroma. The designs are stylish and come in a range of colors and sizes.

All shoes have the following features:

  • Wide toe box design with a zero heel to toe drop include sufficient room for free movement of the toes
  • Dual density patented PropelCore dual density soles include
    • Ergonomic and dynamic arch support system to provide a better body alignment and make walking and standing more comfortable.
    • Anti-overpronation heel stabilizing ring to create steadiness
    • Shock absorbing pads ease the wearer’s bounce
    • Anti-skid rubber prevents unnecessary slips and falls
  • Flyknit breathable upper

FitVille Shoes for Arthritis

Two shoe designs are recommended by the manufacturer for those with arthritic conditions in the feet. These are

  • FitVille Men or Women Rebound Core
  • FitVille Men or Women High-top Rebound Core

Both designs come in half-sizes which ensures that a good fit can be found. Furthermore, there are even wider sizes – Wide 2E and Extra Wide 4E for even more enhanced sizing.

The manufacturer also offers a no questions asked exchange policy if the purchased size does not fit as desired.

FitVille Men or Women Rebound Core Shoes for Arthritis


The Rebound Core is designed for people with wide feet and sufferers with Plantar Fasciitis, Hammertoes and Arthritis.

The wide toe box and high in-step design reduce the friction between the feet and the arch support provides cushioning comfort.

  • Premium quality PU material is used to provide a stable support and wear resistance
  • Patented PropelCore EVA soles provide cushioning
  • Rigid Rubber out soles provide strong grip and motion stability


  • MEN: 3 colors – Sandy Gray, Majolica Blue, Black
  • WOMEN: 4 colors – Sandy Gray, Majolica Blue, Black, Army Green


MEN: 6-15; Wide 2E, Extra Wide 4E

WOMEN: 6-12; Wide 2E, Extra Wide 4E

The High-top Rebound design mirrors classic high-tops. This shoe protects the ankles, has the stylish FitVille look and comes with superior cushioning in the sole.

FitVille Men or Women High-top Rebound Core Shoes for Arthritis


  • Premium quality PU material is used to provide stable support and wear resistance
  • Patented PropelCore EVA soles provide cushioning
  • Rigid Rubber out soles provide strong grip and motion stability


  • MEN: 3 colors – Sandy Gray, Majolica Blue, Black
  • WOMEN: 4 colors – Sandy Gray, Majolica Blue, Black, Army Green


MEN: 6-15; Wide 2E, Extra Wide 4E

WOMEN: 6-12; Wide 2E, Extra Wide 4E


Recommended FitVille shoes for arthritis sufferers are ergonomically designed to provide comfort. Two designs meet all the specifications for a good shoe for arthritis – the Rebound Core and the High-top Rebound Core. The High-top Rebound Core provides added support for the ankles.

Both designs are popular with consumers and the colors offered are very attractive. Finally, these FitVille shoes fit into most budgets putting them within the reach of many seniors.

Leave a comment below if you find this article informative or if you have a question you would like answered.

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  1. These are nice shoes and they have great designs. I like the happy colors in some of them. This certainly provides more of a choice, because it must be frustrating to be limited to just plain black shoes all the time. The models look sturdy and of good quality. These shoes probably last for years if you take good care of them, right?

    • Its really amazing how far style of shoes for arthritis and the elderly in general have come! No more just plain old black shoes. The models are definitely of good quality. They have to be. Right? Since they are specialty shoes


  2. As I age, I realize that comfort is more important than style. However, after seeing these choices of sneakers, I realize I can have both comfort and style! These shoes look very comfortable and I love the colors in which they are offered. Many people have issues with their feet so stumbling upon this website can be a game changer. I plan on forwarding this site to friends of mine with these types of issues. Thanks for the post.

    • Hi Nina,
      No need to sacrifice comfort for style or vice versa. These are a refreshing alternative to the monotonous black shoes aging adults used to be known for!


  3. I am ashamed to say it has never crossed my mind that people with arthritis might have difficulty finding suitable shoes.

    Well done for researching this and finding some really nice-looking trainers that don’t highlight that the wearer has a disability. I am sure sufferers just want comfy, good-looking shoes like these!

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  4. Thank you for this review of the FitVille sneakers footwear. There’s plenty of info. They look awesome. They are less expensive as well. Definitely a must-buy for seniors and the elderly. However, they look so well designed that they can also appeal to the younger or the middle-aged generation who wish to score some comfortable sneakers.

    Best of luck to you

    • I totally agree with you Madyibilg that the Fitville sneakers are so good looking enough to be desired by non-seniors. They are comfortable too.


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