Changes in the Body With Age – Mental Function

Changes in the Body with Age

Changes in the body with age develop because the efficiencies of all working systems in our bodies gradually decline. This can be quite frustrating for older adults. The brain is no exception. Researching the internet for articles to better understand changes in the body with age – being in my golden years, and fast approaching …

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What is the Process of Aging – Let’s Talk Mobility

Man pushing a rollator - What is the Process of Aging

What is the process of aging is a question to which many seniors would wish they had received answers when younger. The natural process of aging is gradual, continuous in the human body, and starts very early in adulthood. The process of aging happens to everyone and is inevitable although we each age in different …

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Changes in the Body with Age – Avoid Surprise

Changes in the Body With Age

How old do you feel? “Not that old” you might say, but your mirror tells you a different story. Physical changes in the body with age are certainly more noticeable. Do you ever wonder how on earth those extra laugh lines or wrinkles appeared seemingly overnight? You may also wonder why there were only one …

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Anti Aging Tips – How to Change Your Eating Habits

A Senior Couple at a Beach - The Best Retirement Advice

No matter your current age, you can start feeling more energetic and active with anti aging tips to overhaul your eating habits.   If you are serious about winding back some years or slowing down the aging process, you must overhaul your eating habits. No more of the fast-food diet fallback simply because of convenience. …

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Retired But Not Tired – How to Remain Active

Four seniors sitting down on a sofa

Most retirees often view themselves as being retired but not tired! Many also see retirement as a well-deserved phase of life, where individuals can finally kick back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. It is a time when the alarm clock loses its power and the daily grind becomes a distant memory. However, …

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