Incontinence in Seniors – A Touchy Subject

Woman hiding face behind flowers - Incontinence in Seniors

Incontinence in seniors is certainly a touchy subject. The first time it occurs, there is a sense of anxiety and confusion as to how “such a thing could have happened.” Many feel bewilderment, shame, and anxiety, and only discuss the condition with their doctor after many further mishaps. As much as incontinence sometimes sneaks up …

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Bladder Problems in Older Women – A Helpful Guide

Bladder problems in Older Women

Without your knowing it, changes in the bladder and urinary system happen slowly and can become quite significant with age. Bladder problems in older women are not uncommon. These changes may cause bladder problems which manifest as involuntary behavior and affect the quality of life of both older women and men. Most semi and retiring …

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Bladder Problems in Older Men – How to Decrease Risks

Senior man - Bladder Problems in Older Men

There are some differences in how bladder problems in older men present that are distinct from what occurs in older women. Aging can significantly impact the bladder and the urethra. It is important to understand these changes, know the risks and manage them to avoid unnecessary complications which can impact the quality of life in …

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Changes in the Body with Age – Avoid Surprise

Changes in the Body With Age

How old do you feel? “Not that old” you might say, but your mirror tells you a different story. Physical changes in the body with age are certainly more noticeable. Do you ever wonder how on earth those extra laugh lines or wrinkles appeared seemingly overnight? You may also wonder why there were only one …

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Disposable Incontinence Underwear – How to Make A Choice

An elderly couple taking a photograph at the beach - Affordable Hearing Aids for Seniors

How do sufferers of incontinence know which disposable incontinence underwear to select especially since they already find this a touchy subject? Reading information on these products in the shopping aisle is not usually how many people would like to spend their time in stores. This article provides information on the different kinds of disposable incontinence …

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Protective Incontinence Underwear – Guide to Best Options

A Senior Couple With the Man Holding a Grocery Box - Disposable Incontinence Underwear

Incontinence is the lack of control over urination or defecation. Many aging adults find that they need protective incontinence underwear to manage the uncontrolled leakage of urine or bowel movement. This can not only be a source of distress but also a source of embarrassment. Fortunately, a wide range of incontinence products are available to …

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How to Calm an Overactive Bladder – Best Foods

A Person holding their abdominal area because they are trying to calm an overactive bladder

Bladder sensitivity can be unpleasant especially as one ages. How to calm an overactive bladder when such sensitivity arises involves identifying the food and beverage that typically irritate that bladder. This became a personal cause for me, and very soon three other friends joined me on this quest to understand how different foods could either …

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