How to Prevent Seniors Falling – The Effect of Osteoporosis


The risks of osteoporosis and how to prevent seniors falling are closely related. This is because osteoporosis greatly increases the propensity for falls and the potential for injuries. Because it is a condition that presents as the gradual weakening of bones which makes them more brittle, therefore the possibility of serious fractures is more common. …

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Osteoporosis the Silent Killer – How to Manage It

Fractured Thigh and Leg Joint

It is not uncommon to hear reference made to Osteoporosis the Silent Killer.  It is a serious health concern that affects many older adults, and the condition is characterized by weakened bones, making them more susceptible to fractures and breaks. This article discusses the nature of osteoporosis, its risk factors, and most importantly, how to …

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Foods That Are Good for Bone Health – Prevent Osteoporosis

Salmon is Good for Bone Health

As we age, bones tend to weaken and osteoporosis and fractures can occur. The good news – there are certain foods that are good for bone health that can help reduce the risk of bone-related disorders by maintaining strong and healthy bones essential for overall well-being. Your bones not only provide support to our body …

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