19 Causes of Vertigo in Seniors -Most Important

Natures-Fusion-Vertigo-Relief - 19 Causes of Vertigo in Seniors

The causes of vertigo in seniors involve a complex interplay of physiological changes and underlying health conditions. You will be surprised to discover that there are so many of them! As we age, the delicate balance mechanisms in our inner ear and brain become more susceptible to disruption, leading to sensations of dizziness and spinning. …

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16 Revealing Causes of Vertigo in Women – Scary

Did you know that the causes of vertigo in women are very diverse? While many causes occur in both men and women, there are several of these that are more prevalent in women. If you are one of the silent victims of this scary experience, then this vertigo article is a must read for you. …

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Common Causes of Vertigo or Dizziness – How To Avoid Triggers

Common Causes of Vertigo or Dizziness

Many believe that the common causes of vertigo or dizziness are the same. Do the terms dizziness, light-headedness, disequilibrium or unsteadiness and vertigo mean the same thing? These words are not synonyms, and clarification is important if you are to adequately describe each to the doctor as each requires a different treatment. More important is …

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