The Best Gifts For Seniors And Grandparents – A Guide

It is that time of the year again when we go hunting for the best gifts for seniors and grandparents to show them we care. Or better still, it is a time when you decide to give yourself a treat.

So, how do you get started on this exercise because there is just so much out there to browse through besides clothing that it can get your head spinning?

This guide is Part 1 of a four-part Metamorphosis Hub Gift Guide series that provides you with factors you need to consider when selecting different gift types.

  • Part 1 – Pillows for Leg Cramps, Weighted Blankets and Duvet Covers, Pillows For Neck Pain (Orthopedic and Non – Orthopedic
  • Part 2 – Balance and Posture: The Best Gifts For A Senior – Limited Mobility Options
  • Part 3 – Cordless Phones, Cell Phones, Alarm Clocks
  • Part 4 – Specialty Shoes – Arthritis and Diabetes

The full series provides you with several categories of gift items that are not only great for seniors and grandparents, but are gifts that will also enhance their quality of life.

These gifts will truly show you care. Click the associated articles in each category for more selections.

Pillows for Leg Cramps – Best Gifts for Seniors

Leg cramps in seniors increase in frequency with aging with painful episodes during the night while asleep.

They may be caused by too much or a lack of exercise, dehydration, blood circulation problems, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, or other medical conditions.

The use of knee pillows increase comfort and blood flow while lying down, and are especially beneficial for side sleepers although they may be used by both side and back sleepers.

Restorology Leg Pillow

Zen Bamboo Leg Elevation Pillow

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Knee Pillow

Sports Medica Knee Pillow

Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets are throws or comforters that wrap the body in a snug fashion to deliver the warmth and comfort of a hug and may be helpful for insomnia. Always check for the right weighting and size before buying.

They are easy to care for although purchasing a weighted blanket duvet cover, while not mandatory can protect the blanket from excessive spills and soils.

Most manufacturers sell these removable covers separately.

The bonus derived from having a duvet cover is that you can buy one in a different color from the actual blanket so that you can change your décor whenever you like!

Those specified as being machine washable can be washed in the washing machine and dryer.

What You Need to Know Before Selecting a Weighted Blanket

Check the article below on all you need to know before selecting a weighted blanket to buy. Consider comfort, manufacturer’s recommendations, size, type of fill, your budget and whether the blanket come with a duvet cover.

Weighted Blankets for Seniors – Are Helpful for Insomnia? The article also includes TEN popular weighted blankets ( not machine washable) to choose from

BALOO Machine Washable Weighted Blankets

YnM Machine Washable Weighted Blankets

COMHO Premium Weighted Blankets – Incudes A Removable Duvet Cover

Weighted Blanket Duvet Covers

Duvet covers come in different colors and patterns, but those for weighted blankets must have a sturdy side zipper and ties to ensure the blanket remains housed within the cover however much it is tossed around.

Using a duvet cover helps protect a weighted blanket from spills and damage and reduces the frequency with which the blanket needs to be cleaned.

Many brands sell duvet covers for weighted blankets separately. Just as there is a throve of weighted blankets in the market, there are just as many duvet covers for weighted blankets as well.

Some popular brands are shown below. For details on each one and other great selections Check

Duvet Covers for Weighted Blankets – How to Select

WEIGHTED EVOLUTION Premium Weighted Blanket Cover

MOSAIC Weighted Blanket Cotton Duvet Cover

RelaxBlanket Duvet Cover

Pillows for Neck Pain – Orthopedic and Non-Orthopedic

As we grow older, the aging process involves the onset and progression of degenerative changes.

There are several top rated orthopedic pillows for neck pain that can help reduce the discomfort due to soreness in the neck and shoulders usually caused by sleeping with the neck in the wrong position.

Many soft pillows will collapse over time, and will not consistently support the head throughout the night.

Only pillows designed to help relieve neck pain will properly elevate the head.

HOMCA Memory Foam Cervical Pillow, 2 in 1 Ergonomic Contour Orthopedic Pillow for Neck Pain

PRASNE Sweethome Jane Memory Foam Neck Pillow – The Best Gifts For Seniors

Royal Therapy 4-Layer Queen Memory Foam Bamboo Adjustable Neck Pillow

Conclusion – The Best Gifts for Seniors

Finding and choosing the best gifts for seniors and grandparents can be a challenging exercise. These guides give you SMART gift ideas for that special senior or grandparent that they will truly love.

If you found value in this article, kindly leave us a comment.


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    • So delighted to learn about that Boriana!
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  2. Hey there, Ceci! Thanks for this great blog post full of useful products. I like the weighted blanket. Is this just for seniors or would you recommend those to anyone? I have to admit that lately, it became harder to find a blanket that will suit my needs. They are either too thin or too thin. The material is not great for too often being washed. So, it there is some alternative, would be happy to try it out.


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