UPWalker Walking Aid – Lets Compare Models

Reduced mobility can slow down activities and affect the quality of life. The revolutionary UpWalker Walking Aid may be what you need to maintain an active lifestyle indoor or outdoors. 

The UPWalker mobility aid was designed and developed by LifeWalker Mobility Products of San Diego, California. LifeWalker is a leader in mobility innovation, focusing on design, manufacture and distribution of new “upright walkers”.

Its breakthrough products enable users to walk upright, not hunched over as occurs when using traditional walkers, thereby enhancing user safety.

UpWalker Walking Aid
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This stylish and revolutionary walker features adjustable-height, armrests, brakes, a seat, eight-inch wheels and padded sit-to-stand handles and is suitable for both indoor daily use and outdoor active living.

Understanding the LifeWalker UPWalker Design


  • The UPWalker is designed to avoid many deficiencies of conventional walkers, including the risk of falls by the user, the frequent slouching seen with the use of many walkers, and the lack of user confidence because of fear of falling.
  • The sturdy frame is made from aluminum alloy and other quality materials including composite plastic and polyurethane. Many of these materials are used in the automobile and aircraft industries.
  • Walker comes pre-assembled – PRO feature
  • There are two user height range to choose from – the UPWalkerLite ( 4’7″ – 5’10”) and the UPWalker (4’4″ – 6’5″)
  • The Walker allows the user to walk with a more normal gait – standing upright to improve posture and reduce slouching – PRO feature
  • Designed for everyday use outdoors, in a spacious home, or living facility.
  • Users feel safer and more stable
  • Patented design features of the UPWalker increase stability by positioning the user’s weight inside the wheels instead of on top of the wheels, reducing the risk of falls – PRO feature
  • Seat does not interfere with walking – PRO feature
  • UPWalker® is ISO Certified for SAFE Outdoor and Indoor Use
  • Includes features designed for user comfort and ease of use. Many of these such as a wider seat, backrest, beverage holder, and pouch are standard features that you do not need to pay for as add-ons.
  • Premium add-ons (if required) include  a luxury item bag (with zipper-close top) and a shopping bag (larger bag with carry handles for shopping.) Dimensions are: Luxury personal item bag: 13 inches wide x 6 inches deep x 10 inches high.
    Shopping bag: 18 inches wide x 11 inches deep x 12 inches high.
  • Comes in a singe color – Graphite Grey
  • Other Features
    • Sit-to-Stand Handles
    • Adjustable Height Armrests
    • Lockable Brakes
    • Large Multi-terrain wheels
    • Foldable Design

Types of UPWalker Mobility Aids

The UpWalker comes in 5 models – UPWalker Premium Lite, UpWalker Lite, the original UpWalker, CardioAccelerator and the Neuro UpWalker.

This article will not discuss the two specialized UpWalkers – CardioAccelerator and the Neuro.

UPWALKER PREMIUM LITE Details ( Small H200-S) 

  • Primary Use: Outdoor and Indoor
  • Secondary Use: Outdoor and Indoor
  • User Height: from 4′ 10″ – 6′ 1″
  • User Weight: Up to 300 lbs
  • Suitability: User Needing increased stability
  • Ergonomic Hand Grips with 10 degree angle
  • Weighs over 16 ibs
  • Wheels: Two 10″ treaded wheels in front and Two 8″ treaded wheels in the rear


  • Primary Use: Indoor
  • Secondary Use: Outdoor 
  • User Height: from 4′ 7″ – 5′ 10″
  • User Weight: Up to 300 lbs
  • Suitability: User Needing increased stability due to health issue or risk of fall
  • Ergonomic Hand Grips with 10 degree angle
  • Weighs under 16 ibs
  • Wheels: Two 8″ rubber wheels in front and Two 8″ rubber wheels in the rear
UPWalker Product Specs (from manufacturer)
UPWalker Product Specs (from manufacturer)

UPWALKER Mobility Aid Details (Large H-200-L)

  • Primary Use: Outdoor
  • Secondary Use: Indoor
  • User Height: Standard from 4′ 7″ – 5′ 10″; Large from 4′ 10″ – 6′ 5″
  • User Weight: Standard – Up to 375 lbs; Large Up to 400 lbs
  • Suitability: User Needing increased stability due to health issue or risk of fall
  • Ergonomic Hand Grips with full rotation for prcise adjustment
  • Weighs over 16 ibs
  • Wheels: Four 8″ rubber wheels


  • The UPWalker improves mobility and  independence for the elderly, including users with neurological, orthopedic, cardiovascular and other health disorders. 
  • According to clinical research cited by the manufacturer, the unique design of the UPWalker reduces pain in the wrists, back and leg joints as compared to traditional walkers, and the upright position enables the user to walk farther with less effort.
  • Comes fully assembled with an easy-to-follow User Guide. It can be removed from the box, adjusted to personal suitability  and used immediately.
  • Comes with a fabric seat that slides front to back for sitting or walking with long strides. Also comes with a comfortable backrest support for sitting.
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame

Things To Note – Is the UPWalker Walking Aid Right for Me?

There are a few important considerations that may influence the decision about the suitability of the UPWalker for a user.

  • The UPWalker is larger and heavier than traditional rollators and may not be suitable for smaller, frail elderly users or others lacking the strength to maneuver a larger mobility device.
  • It is not designed for narrow or limited spaces. If your home has doors or walkways that are too narrow, it may be difficult to maneuver the UPWalker – CONS
  • If you are not of reasonable health, have ataxia and/or some other mobility issues, you may not be able to handle the agility of the UPWalker.
  • If you have to rely on your current walker for support to stand, you may find it difficult to control the UPWalker.
  • If your Height and Weight combination are NOT listed in the manufacturers Sizing Chart, the UPWalker will not be right for you.
  • Compared to other walkers and rollators, it is easy to see that the UPWalker’is a bit pricey. However the price reflects the fact that it is a truly revolutionary mobility product designed and produced to be durable with quality workmanship and comfort and safety benefits not found in other walkers.

LifeWalker UPWalker – Innovative Upright Folding Rolling Walker

The UpWalker comes in 3 sizes – Premium Lite, Lite and Large. Check out the details for each below:

UPWALKER PREMIUM LITE Details ( Small H200-S) 

UPWALKER LITE Details (Standard H200)

UPWALKER Details (Large H-200-L)


The UpWalker Walking Aid is a revolutionary product ehnacing the quality of life of users that find it suitable for their needs.This article reviews the benefits (Pros) and potential concerns (Cons) for the UpWalker brand.

Understanding the differences between the design types (Small H200-S,Standard H200 and Large H-200-L) will assist you to decide which design is best suited for your needs based on the product specifications.

Leave a comment below if you find the article informative or if you have a question.

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© 2021 LifeWalker. © ProtoStar, Inc., dba LifeWalker Mobility Products, a Delaware Corporation.LifeWalker and UPWalker are registered trademarks of ProtoStar, Inc. For detailed patent information go to www.LifeWalkerMobility.com.

6 thoughts on “UPWalker Walking Aid – Lets Compare Models”

  1. This design is great to hold people upright and walking with the up-walker walking aid, so that way you can stand the right way for safety reasons.
    By having this up-walker you will have more mobility in standing right, the elderly can benefit from this in many ways.
    Neurological and orthopedic, along with cardiovascular issues, with a lifetime warranty on the frame.
    We are going to share this with our friends as well we do have elder parents that will benefit from this.


  2. Hi Ceci, Thank you for your very detailed review!
    I have never heard before about the UP-Walker. The benefits regarding these walkers sound fantastic; mainly, they are designed for so many diseases, supporting to prevent more painful symptoms from developing. Older people will feel secure and comfortable using the Up-walker, for sure. The lifelong warranty of the frame is also a good sign that the company trusts its products which makes it even more quality.
    As a nurse, I can see that the walkers have improved within the last decades. They used to be very heavy and couldn’t adapt to the length of the people. Nowadays, because of the element aluminum, they are produced in such a light version, these walkers are easily be put into a car and taken with us. I love the handles, so the elderly using the UP-Walker are not suffering from wrist pain, especially they do not have the strength anymore.
    I will certainly recommend the walker to them as most clients are vulnerable older or chronically ill younger adults. 🙂

    • Hi Sylvia,
      Yes the UP-Walker has been a game changer for many seniors and the elderly and provides and even more enhanced quality of life. Although it is more pricey than regular rollators or walkers, it is worth every extra penny because of the addes comfort features.
      Thanks for the offer to recommend. I have seen it in action (dad of a colleague) and it really helps.


  3. Hi Ceci. Reading this review makes me sad because it means whoever needs it, is not in good health. But at least this product can make people’s lives much better. I like that this walker takes into account that people fall while using walkers. So they’ve added a protective feature. It’ll definitely provide an enhanced quality of life for many disabled people. That the company has a lifelong warranty shows me that they 100% trust the quality of their product. Great review.

    • Hello Shalisha,
      The UpWalker is a quality product to improve the quality of life not only for the disabled but also the elderly and some patients recuperating from surgery.The company is certainly proud of its workmanship which is why they have a lifelong warranty.



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