Velcro Shoes for Seniors – Do Not Need to Be Ugly

Are Velcro shoes for seniors the answer to tired aging feet? As we grow older, our body systems naturally begin to slow down.

In addition, balance (the ability to distribute your weight in a way that allows you to hold a steady position or move at will without falling) gradually declines.

It is at this stage that many seniors begin to explore buying Velcro fastening shoes.

If you do not strengthen your balance through regular practice, it can lead to falls. A fall at any age is an unwelcome occurrence. Try imagining a fall by a senior citizen!

The consequences can be disastrous. Keeping the joints and feet free of pain while walking or while involved in other kinds of motion require wearing shoes that can provide the shock absorption.

There are several reasons why Velcro shoes for seniors seem to be a good choice. A bonus is that these shoes are no longer looked upon as “old peoples’ shoes” neither are they ugly.

This is because there are now several styles, with some of them being quite dressy!

What are Velcro Fastening Shoes?

Comfortable Velcro Fastening Shoes - Velcro Shoes for Seniors
Comfortable Velcro Fastening Shoes

Velcro shoes for seniors and the elderly are any footwear that use Velcro for tightening and loosening the shoes in order to put them on or take them off.

Why are Velcro fastening shoes popular with seniors and the elderly?

The major reasons are comfort, and the removal of dexterity challenges many senior citizens face when trying to tie laces especially if they have arthritis.

Sore and aching feet are frequently a major cause of seniors shying away from exercising, which of course is a necessity to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

More importantly Velcro fastening shoes eliminate a safety hazard by reducing the potential for falls due to tripping over laces that come untied.

Every year, more than one in three people age 65 years or older fall, and this risk increases with age.

Falls can cause serious fractures which can lead to stays in the hospital as they typically take “forever” to heal in older people.

This can result in disability, loss of independence (which no senior wants) and even death.

Velcro Shoes For Seniors – Styles and Types

There are several types, brands, and shapes of Velcro fastening shoes. The shoe upper may be made of suede, mesh and/or fabric, faux leather or real leather.

Several styles are available to address specific foot conditions such as swollen feet, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and many others. Generally these styles are a bit more expensive.

The same is true of dressy orthotic shoes which provide you with both style and extra comfort.

There are a very wide range of Velcro fastening shoes on the market.

So how do you select the most comfortable ones, and which style should be preferred? What do you need to know about the range of prices? Is “Cheap” OK? This review addresses all these questions.

Why Seniors and the Elderly Should Buy Velcro Fastening Shoes 

Lace up shoes - Velcro Shoes for Seniors
Lace up Shoes may be difficult for some Seniors

There are several benefits to buying shoes with Velcro fasteners.

1. Velcro Shoes for Seniors are Easy to Wear

Velcro fastening shoes are very easy to wear. The shoes can be put on or taken off easily and quickly. There are no laces to worry about!

Laces we all know tend to loosen no matter how tight you think you have made them. They therefore eventually become a potential safety hazard which may cause trips and falls.

2. Velcro Shoes for Seniors have a Wider Fit

Velcro fastening shoes have a wide mouth to accommodate the wider feet of many older adults and have ample room in the toe area.

This wide mouth makes it easy for swollen feet (caused by medical conditions or just due to plain old standing for too long) to enter with little or no discomfort.

This is also useful for air travel. Remember that experience you had when you removed your shoes during a flight and suddenly find that they don’t fit at landing due to swelling? A pair of Velcro shoes would have addressed that problem.

Take a look at some popular wide-mouth Velcro-fastening shoes below:

Velcro Shoes For SeniorsOrthofeet Bristol Womens Extra Depth Therapeutic
Arthritis and Diabetic Shoes
Velcro Shoes for Seniors
Roamers Mens Extra Wide Fitting Touch Fastening
Casual Shoes
Velcro Shoes For SeniorsDr. Comfort Douglas Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic
Extra Depth Shoe
Velcro Shoes For SeniorsPropét Womens Travelbound Strap Sneaker 
Popular Velcro Shoes for Seniors

Swollen feet require a wide mouth for insertion of feet that are swollen from arthritis or other foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, hammerstones, bunions and even corns.

The Velcro fasteners allow tightening that suits the comfort level of the senior.

3. Velcro Shoes for Seniors are Adjustable

Velcro fastening shoes are adjustable and put you in the driver seat to select how tight or how loose you want it to be. They reduce pressure on the feet.

Finally, you have shoes that provide appropriate support and don’t require you to “break into them” for them to feel comfortable.

Fasten them up and they remain closed, as long and as far as you choose to walk. Forget about laces!

4. Velcro Shoes for Seniors are Lightweight and Flexible

Yomandamor Men's Bamboo Seamless Dress Socks - Velcro Shoes for Seniors
Yomandamor Men’s Bamboo Seamless Dress Socks

This is an important requirement for older adult shoes. Velcro fastening shoes meet both criteria. Many seniors complain of the difficulties they face while trying to find good walking shoes.

As we age and become less nimble with our strides and the lifting up of our feet while walking, having shoes that are flexible and not heavy on the feet become more important to us.

Having flexible, lightweight shoes is also an advantage if you need to insert insoles.

These could be simple conventional ones for added comfort, or customized insoles that address specific painful conditions in the feet due to arthritis, diabetes, plantar fasciitis or other conditions.

5. Velcro Shoes for Seniors Allow Wearing of Different Types of Socks

Most seniors wear different types of regular walking and compression socks that vary in thickness and function.

Regular shoes are generally not well-structured to allow this and if some socks are worn with them, can cause pain and discomfort from pinching and corns. Shoes for seniors must be comfortable.

It is not uncommon to find older adults having foot conditions directly related to other medical conditions.

Fortunately, there are a variety of compression socks and insoles available on the market that offer relief.

Finding the right ones that suit your condition is important. When in doubt, always discuss with your doctor or healthcare provider.

Several other articles will follow (refer to the Review OR Compare section) to compare features and prices of Velcro fastening (and other types) of shoes for senior men, women and the elderly in the marketplace.

6. Good Support and Traction are Provided by Velcro Shoes for Seniors

The ankles of seniors are usually weak due to reduced muscle mass and sometimes muscle strength may not support body weight.

In addition, balance issues become more pronounced in senior years and with transition into the elderly phase.

These conditions require shoes that can provide good support and traction to avoid unnecessary slips, trips and falls.

Velcro shoes with lateral, frontal, and rear support along with minimal ergonomic heel height thickness offer required support and traction.

Because Velcro fastening shoes were constructed with seniors and the elderly in mind, attention to traction is one of the key features.

Outsoles of shoes for the elderly cannot be too thin as it will add to the discomfort of sore, aching feet.

They are usually kept to a minimum ergonomic thickness that can still provide a firm grip on all surfaces.

So, How about Durability and Price?Velcro Shoes- Cost

We all typically believe that the quality of a product usually dictates its price. This is not always true – except in a sale of course!.

Cheap or cheaper shoes may have slightly cheaper materials used to make them, which in turn mean that they are not as durable as their slightly higher end shoes.

It is also true that many seniors run a very tight budget and will therefore have to take this into consideration.

Weighing and comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each shoe brand carefully is essential to finding the “perfect shoe” that fits into your budget.

You should not need to replace a good pair of shoes or sneakers on a yearly basis! A wide range of stylish and popular Velcro fastening shoes shown below illustrate the availability of various types to suit a range of budgets.

Velcro Shoes for SeniorsNew Balance Women’s 813 V1 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe
Velcro Shoes For SeniorsNew Balance Men’s 813 V1 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe
Velcro Shoes For SeniorsPropet Women’s Tour Walker Strap Sneaker, White/Berry
Velcro Shoes For SeniorsSkechers Mens After Burn M.FIT – Final Cut Shoes
More Popular Velcro Shoes for Seniors

Specialized shoes and orthotics primarily designed for seniors are however generally expensive.

Similarly, leather shoes with Velcro fastening are more expensive because they are more durable and easier to clean.

Paying a little more for a high-quality shoe which is durable and which will offer many years of use prior to replacement is sensible.

Whether they are Velcro fastening or other kind, they are worth the additional investment in terms of quality and value.

Leather Velcro Shoes for Seniors
Leather Velcro Shoes

Last Words – Best Velcro Shoes for Seniors

Gone are the days when Velcro shoes for seniors and the elderly looked drab and ugly. Thank goodness!

There are now many more styles and colors available to accommodate seniors in general and newly retired seniors.

Just because you are aging does not mean that you have lost your sense of style – or does it? Comment below to let me know.

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16 thoughts on “Velcro Shoes for Seniors – Do Not Need to Be Ugly”

  1. What a lovely idea Ceci. Velcro shoes for seniors. In fact, I think I need them too, already.
    Velcro today is of such high quality that it lasts forever. And shoes styles have becoem extremely modern. It is such a great idea for elders to use velcro shoes. I have often seen my parents struggling with lace shoes, as they cant bend their backs due to stiffness.
    Thank u. I shall surely order some velcro shoes for my Mom and Dad.

    • Velcro shoes are helpful for seniors who struggle with shoe laces. Good idea to treat your Mom and Dad to a pair each. They will thank you for it.


  2. Hello, great article, I just love those shoe, my father buys only those you have velcro on it. I like the one with the laces they are comfortable and easy to put on. I have a pair but they’re getting old, I might buy a new one. Thank you for sharing this article with us

  3. Hi, Ceci,

    Thank you for this review.

    Even though you write for seniors, I feel like I would wear this type of shoes too.

    When I was younger, the first thing that was important for me was the way shoe look: it should be necessarily high heel and very fancy.

    The comfort was on second place for me back then.

    Thank God, things changed for me now, and it’s vice versa: comfort first!


    • You are so correct Natalie. Comfort should come first! What I am loving is the fact that velcro shoes are becoming more stylish with a greater variety to choose from.


  4. Hi Ceci
    I’ve had velcro fastening trainers before. I remember I was worried when I got them that the velcro would deteriorate before the expected life of the shoe as this was the earlier days of velcro but that didn’t happen. I must admit I still prefer lace-up shoes because I can adjust the tightness to suit. Once or twice I had elasticated shoes and I quickly dropped that idea. I have slight numbness in one foot because of a lower spinal injury so I do have to be careful that footwear is not too tight. I may of course abandon my attachment to laces if I can no longer reach to tie them but wouldn’t I have the same issue with velcro? Or maybe it would just not be as bad. I think you are right though, we have to accept reality, put our vanity to one side, and do what is practical and if we can do that with style, then so much the better.
    Kind regards

    • Hi Andy,

      Velcro shoes are not for everyone. However, since you had a lower spinal injury, they may be beneficial for you. And – velcro shoes are a lot easier to fasten than lace-up shoes

  5. Hi Ceci,

    Thanks for this informative article that shares why people need to purchase velcro shoes when we get senior. I think it not only suits the seniors but also for those who have arthritis and foot-swelling problems. Surprisingly, there are many choices that we can purchase from your recommendation, and they all look quite nice.

    I also like that you provide two articles in the last paragraph so that your readers can get more information about the best velcro shoes in 2020. I will consider getting one for my parents and myself since I got a foot-swelling issue, and that’s why you are providing me great value with your article today.


    • Hello Matt, Glad you found the article helpful. Yes – it is surprising that velcro shoes are increasingly becoming more stylish. This is a good thing though because more people are no longer afraid to try them out. They are really comfy and no longer look like “old peoples’ shoes” – as they used to be called!


  6. Thanks for the post.

    I recently bought my first pair of slip-on shoes for work. I find myself running late to make it to work and love how I can slip them on while cruising down the highway. I keep my workshops in my car lest I forget to bring them.

    Tying shoes is such a hassle. I am not a senior yet but approaching at least chronologically. I am still on top of my game, but am terrible at keeping my shoes tied… but vain… so fashion does matter. I sure many seniors feel that way too (about fashion) but I have to tell you… slip-ons are great. I have a pair of sketches and continue to buy their brand for comfort and style.

    Many blessings… Brian

    • For sure slip-ons are much easier to wear, but they have their place. When it’s freezing in the winter, it’s much warmer to wear the closed velcro fastening shoes.

  7. Wow. That’s so cool information. I didn’t knew velcro shoes existed, but now I can think of a person who needs them. I wish I had read this article before Christmas haha. I would get one pair to my dad.


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