Washable Weighted Blankets – The Best Value Options

Weighted blankets are throws or comforters that provide the warmth and comfort of a hug by wrapping the body in a snug manner.

Washable weighted blankets have an advantage of being easy to care for since they can be popped into the washing machine and dryer.

However, this can come at a cost to your heating bill or even cause damage to your washer if you do not make your purchase wisely.

Furthermore, those weighted blankets labeled as “dry clean only” could cost you a small fortune to get dry-cleaned and sometimes not as thoroughly as you would want!

Most weighted blankets are tagged as “machine washable”, but as we all know, many are bulky and very heavy. Aside from possible damage to your washer or dryer, poor stitching of the blanket may result in a leak of the filling into the wash.

Several manufacturers recommend buying a special machine washable weighted blanket duvet cover to prolong the life of your blanket.

This is an additional cost to your purchase but fortunately, there are a few less bulky options to choose from.

The History of Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets were first designed to provide relief for people with autism, anxiety, sensory disorders, and post-traumatic stress.

Calming and reduction in restlessness effects have been found to be beneficial to those with insomnia and non post-traumatic stress and many mainstream people find them helpful for getting a good night’s sleep.

Washing machine knobs - Washable Weighted Blankets
Washing Machine Knobs

People with respiratory problems, joint issues, or who typically tend to feel claustrophobic should not use weighted blankets.

Even after following all the selection criteria in Weighted blankets for seniors, what you might view as the “perfect” or “best” blanket will be a matter of personal preference and your experience using it.

Note that getting used to a weighted blanket takes between 2-7 days, so do not return your purchase within this time frame to ensure that you test it properly.

Other important factors to consider when making your choice include quality and durability, machine washability, customer service support, and return policy.

Over 15 weighted blankets were reviewed. 3 popular manufacturer machine washable options were selected from this pool for review based on their being “the most top-rated best-sellers” across different marketing platforms.

They vary in features and cater to different budgets. Pros and cons are presented for each one. Among care instructions, some manufacturers list “hand wash”.

This is misleading because it is improbable that hand washing your weighted blanket can be an easy exercise!

Only the Baloo Weighted Blanket is fully machine washable and durable enough to withstand frequent washing. A duvet cover may only be used if desired.

It is usually recommended for seniors 65 years and above and recommended for adults with joint sensitivity (knee, hips or back).

MOSAIC Machine Washable Weighted Blankets

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MOSAIC Washable Weighted Blanket - Handmade in USA
MOSAIC Washable Weighted Blankets – Handmade in USA


Most adult weighted blankets of the Mosaic brand come in weights of 20 lbs or 25 lbs. The 20 lb Queen size 60”x80” is only $10 cheaper than the King size 76″ x 80″ so getting the King size may be more economical for many people.

Based on these specifications, only three products fell into the group discussed.

These are the Black Cotton, Bianca White and the Gray Cotton weighted blankets. Check them out below.

Mosaic weighted blankets are handmade in Austin, Texas, USA with premium material and designed with multiple features to provide better rest.

  • The blankets are quilted in squares to create an evenly weighted experience.
  • NEVER use pellets made from glass or sand but instead use 100% new, BPA-free, hypo-allergenic, FDA compliant plastic pellets.
  • Have a 30 day money back guarantee policy
  • Provide telephone support


Blankets are handmade in the USA; Glass or sand pellets are not used; Machine washable


15 lb weights are not available in King or Queen sizes; Blankets are expensive based on the quality and handmade work.

BALOO Machine Washable Weighted Blankets

Cotton 60 by 80 inches, 15lb Adult Weighted Blanket (Pebble White Color)

Product Specifications

Size : 60''x80'' 15lbs - Queen Size

Color: Pebble White Inner Weighted Layer

Item Weight 6.8 Kilograms (15lbs)

Fabric Type 100% Cotton exterior and interior lining and fill; quilted

Fill Material Type Lead Free Glass MicroBeads


  • Oeko-Tex 100 Certified chemical free cotton
  • Lead-Free super fine glass micro beads evenly spaced throughout the blanket to fit body contour unlike clunky pellets Blanket is weighted with glass micro beads where it counts: in the center, where it covers the top of the bed, rather than all the way to the edge. This feels more comfortable and makes it lighter and easier to care for.
  • Recommended for use by adults with Joint Sensitivity (Knees, Hips or Back)
  • Use – Adults 18 to over 65.
  • Quilted, double-stitched design, along with a thin breathable polyester batting, ensures that the blanket’s weight is equally distributed, without bunching or shifting.
  • Care: Machine wash or Dry clean. Baloo blankets are machine washable and dryer safe. Use cold water and the gentle cycle, and tumble dry on low heat; safe for standard in-home washing machines. The blanket dries surprisingly quickly, so a long dryer cycle is not required. For best results do not dry clean or iron.
  • Purchase linen duvet covers by Baloo if you prefer to protect your blanket and save it from frequent washing (sold separately).
  • Blanket includes 6 loops (at the sides and corners) to connect to a duvet if desired.
  • Manufacturer is US based and pledges 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


  • Expensive, but provides exceptional value for the price

YnM Machine Washable Weighted Blankets For Adults

100% Cotton Weighted Blanket (17 lbs, 60''x80''- Queen Size) for People With Weight Around 160lbs (Dark Grey)


Size : 60''x80'' 17lbs - Queen Size

Color: Dark Grey Inner Weighted Layer

Item Weight 7.71 Kilograms (17lbs)

Fabric Type: 100% Cotton. Use weighted blanket on its own or receive a discount with the purchase of a matching duvet cover

Fill Material Type: Glass Beads


  • YnM provides the largest variety of size, weight, and colors of weighted blankets. These include materials such as classic cotton, luxury bamboo or minky.
  • Oeko-Tex Certified Cotton
  • Lead-Free Glass Beads
  • CARE: Hand wash or machine wash. Dry flat or tumble dry low.
  • Made with multiple layers and smaller compartments for maximum comfort that contour to your body shape.
  • Blanket has 8 duvet cover ties
  • 7-layer breathable material and beads stay evenly distributed and leak free. Design has less fiber fill and allows the glass beads to provide temperature control
  • It is recommended to calculate your required blanket weight as 10-12% of your body weight plus 1 lb
  • YnM has breathable cotton, cooling bamboo or cozy minky duvet covers available which are sold separately


  • YnM weighted blanket boost better temperature control than others, but due to its weight it may also feel hot, so a fan or an AC is recommended.
  • Frequent machine wash may damage the weighted blanket itself
  • The manufacturer recommends use of a removable duvet cover even though the weighted blanket may be machine washed.

QUILITY Washable Weighted Blankets

Cotton 60 by 80 inches,15 lbs Adult Weighted Blanket (Grey) with Removable Duvet Cover (Navy Blue)


Size :60"x80"; 15lbs – Queen Size

Color: Available in 4 colors

Item Weight: 6.8 Kilograms (15 lbs)

Fabric Type: 100% Cotton blanket for cooling, Mink plush cover for warming

Fill Material Type: Micro glass beads


  • Designed for hot and cold sleepers
  • Care for Inner Blanket: DO NOT machine wash. Hand wash or dry clean; hang to dry or dry flat and DO NOT tumble dry
  • Duvet Cover Care: Hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle; DO NOT bleach; hang dry or dry flat; DO NOT tumble dry
  • Made with 7 ultra-plush layers of durable materials stitched with advanced sewing technology and re-enforced between the sections
  • Outer layer is 100% breathable cotton beneath which are 2 polyester layers filled with millions of micro glass beads
  • 16 cm quilted sections scientifically engineered for perfect weight distribution
  • Pre-attached removable dual sided temperature regulating, soft, comfortable, luxury duvet cover with ultra durable zipper
  • 8 duvet tie loops attach to the blanket so that it does not slip, and the blanket remains evenly distributed over the body while sleeping
  • It is recommended to calculate your required blanket weight as 10-12% of your body weight plus 1 lb


  • May be too warm
  • Weighted blanket is not machine washable, although the duvet cover is.

Conclusion - Washable Weighted Blankets for Adults

There are very few durable machine washable weighted blankets for adults available so it is reasonable to deduce that when available, they are generally pricier than regular weighted blankets.

Most manufacturers recommend that the buyer purchase a duvet cover to protect the blanket. This is an additional cost to the initial investment of the buyer.

All Mosaic weighted blankets are washable as is the Baloo weighted blanket brand. These are generally durable and lightweight, and can be used with or without a duvet cover.

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  1. Thanks for this presentation of weighted blankets, I didn’t know there were so many different offers on the market.
    Given all the benefits that these blankets have, however, unfortunately, the really big problem is that there are very few durable machine washable weighted blankets available. Therefore, it is really advisable to purchase a duvet cover to protect the blanket. We already use duvet covers on all the blankets we use.
    Friendly greeting,

    • Yes Nina, that does seem to be the logical way to go with duvet covers. The major challenge is that because the blankets are so heavy, most duvet covers do not fit well over them and frequently need to be replaced due to damage. This is really the value that can be derived from having weighted blankets that are machine washable.


  2. Hey Ceci,
    What a wonderful article. I have always been so confused when looking to buy a weighted blanket. I have been having sleep issues lately and my physician suggested I look into getting myself a weighted blanket…There were so many out there on the market that I didn’t have the energy to devote to all that research. I am so glad I came across this post which makes it easy to see a curated list that I can easily choose from. I trust your recommendations and will be making a purchase through your links shortly. I think I will go for the Baloo weighted blanket but I will also get a duvet for it.
    Thanks so much!

    • Good choice Sasha! That’s the one I love best as well. It is OK to get a duvet for it if you wish because it only comes in the off-white color. The good news is that it is machine washable and worth its weight for this reason alone.


  3. Wow, Ceci. I had no idea about the differences between weighted blankets. I love heavy blankets in winter because they keep me warm, but in summer, it must be a light one. The interesting fact you mentioned here is that weighted blankets are helping people with autism. I had no idea! It is an interesting point I have never thought about. Now I will look at blankets from a different angle, especially for my patients. Thank you very much, Ceci!


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