Wealthy Affiliate Facts – An Attractive Option For Retirees

Wealthy Affiliate facts – for seniors provides unbiased information to guide seniors and retirees wishing to venture into the world of affiliate marketing with the affiliate platform known as Wealthy Affiliate.

The internet is bursting at the seams with different affiliate marketing programs. Some are legitimate, while others proclaim less than honest achievements.

All this can be confusing for seniors searching for affiliate marketing opportunities. This article highlights major differences and strengths of the Wealthy Affiliate program. .

“Forced to Retire” or “Bored and Retired” and Searching the Web for Ideas?

Retired Mum and Daughter
Retired Mum and Daughter

When you have been “forced to retire” or are “bored and retired, one of the first go to places for many is the internet.

You are unsure of what you are really looking for, only that you would like a few ideas of what to do in retirement .

You type in different phrases into the search engine – how to keep busy in retirement, fun retirement ideas, early retirement ideas, jobs for seniors and an endless string of other phrases.

Suddenly you find a recurring theme in a few of them – Affiliate Marketing. What is this? You decide to delve deeper…..

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It is a mutually beneficial marketing arrangement between an online retailer and an independent affiliate marketer (like yourself) where the retailer pays a small commission to the marketer for directing traffic from its affiliate website.

It is important that you understand that the price of each product remains the same for the buyer whether they go to the retailer site through an affiliate link or through a non-affiliate link.

Good affiliate marketers typically will save the buyer time because they would usually have conducted searches, comparison and review of products – before directing you to the sites where you can find these products.

So how does Wealthy Affiliate fit into this?

Wealthy Affiliate is a program that teaches you how to build niche websites based on your passion or hobbies – and make money through commissions from recommendation of related products for each sale.

Wealthy Affiliate Facts
Senior Man
Retired Man

Wealthy Affiliate Facts

Discovering Wealthy Affiliate was a “chance event” while researching another affiliate company I was about to sign up with.

I quickly compared the two programs and then another two programs (making four in total). I thanked my lucky stars that I did so, I share my findings with you.

Wealthy Affiliate Facts – What Wealthy Affiliate is NOT

  • A get-rich-quick-scheme, an MLM or a pyramid scheme. Many other affiliate programs will oversell and typically under perform in delivery to you.
  • Shady. Many other affiliate programs have hidden fees
  • A program that UPSELLS YOU AFTER SIGN UP.
  • A program that requires a credit card for you to sign up

Wealthy Affiliate Facts – What Wealthy Affiliate IS

  • The program is as advertised and there are no hidden fees. It has a Free 7-day Trial Starter Membership.
  • NO CREDIT CARD IS REQUIRED TO SIGN UP for this. It affords you a limited opportunity to become an Insider and explore the WA platform yourself. If you like it, you can then upgrade to Premium membership which you can pay monthly or annually.
  • The program is made up of only 2 tiers – the FREE Starter and Premium.
  • Upgrade to Premium requires a monthly or annual payment schedule. Some other affiliate programs will essentially up sell you to move you to the next level of their training. Some have up to 4 or more “tiers of training” that require you to pay additional money to access each tier. Wealthy Affiliate does not do that!
Retired Grandparents
Retired Grandparents

Wealthy Affiliate Facts – Who can Benefit from the Wealthy Affiliate Program?

Beginners and advanced affiliate marketers who want to make money online by building a sustainable business in a specific niche. Everybody has a passion or a hobby that motivates them, and on which they can talk endlessly.

This is perfect for people from all walks of life – including seniors. If you do not have one, the training will guide on how to identify and choose a niche suitable for you.

Affiliate Training
Affiliate Training

Wealthy Affiliate Facts – Details of the Program

The Online Entrepreneur Certification is made up of five modules each consisting of 10 lessons that walk you through the process of creating and growing an online business within any niche that you want

You are probably wondering the difference between the Free 7-day Starter Membership and the Premium Membership.

Sign Up With Wealthy Affiliate
Sign Up With Wealthy Affiliate

Both memberships will assist you in the selection of a niche, build impressive websites (without previous design skills), teach you proven strategies to attract visitors to your site through value providing content writing.

It also shows you how to provide your site visitors with quality information and the products they were already searching for.

NOTE that the Starter Membership only provides you with access to the lessons in Module 1 – which means you only get the high level overview.

HOWEVER, it also allows you to explore the ENTIRE Wealthy Affiliate platform including the hundreds of additional training videos and modules in the database, a key SEO search word tool (at no extra cost), access to the WA Community 24/7 for support – questions, clarifications some gentle guidance, and a lot more……

The WA Community is simply great because members remember when they started off as a newbie just like you, and believe it or not, that motivates them to want to help out. There is always someone available to help!

Comparison of the Free Starter and Premium Packages

Take a look at a side-by-side comparison of the Free Starter and Premium memberships below

Wealthy Affiliate Facts
Comparison of Trial and Premium Programs
Retired Grandma
Retired Grandma

Final Words

Now that you have the Wealthy Affiliate facts, you might probably still want this last question answered. Is it actually possible for you to make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

The answer is a resounding “Yes”!. After all, you landed on this website……

Your tingly brain cells are hard at work trying to decide whether to sign up or not. The question really should be “Why not?”

You have absolutely nothing to lose with the Free Starter membership but an opportunity to actually experience the Wealthy Affiliate program firsthand.

Leave any further questions you may have in the Comment box below.

Remember, Wealthy Affiliate is NOT an MLM, pyramid scheme or a get-rich-quick opportunity. If you think it is, then it is not for you.

But if you are willing and determined to build a sustainable online business using the step-by-step training provided by Wealthy Affiliate and have fun doing it.

Go ahead and try this out by signing up for the Free Starter membership and click on the little square below…….

Check the Wealthy Affiliate Program
Check the Wealthy Affiliate Program

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6 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Facts – An Attractive Option For Retirees”

  1. Ceci,

    Love this review. I actually tried to set my elderly Mom up with Wealthy Affiliate earlier this year. She had lost her job, one that she worked at for 13 years. She said she wanted to write online, mainly about her cats. Unfortunately, she didn’t stick with it though. Not everyone can be online I suppose. But she enjoyed it while she tried it out.

    Thanks for sharing this review! Love the details.


    • Hi Katrina,
      I’m a firm believer in making people understand what the requirements are for affiliate marketing BEFORE they dive in. The commitment and discipline is really important. Good for you trying to help your Mum out by introducing her to WA. I believe this article will help her better understand the requirements. Who knows……She may decide to return some day!


  2. Hi Ceci
    Well done. I think this is a very user-friendly, factual, and easy to follow review of Wealthy Affiliate. It is interesting that we all have different stories of how we came to Wealthy Affiliate. In my case, I was researching the general subject of online marketing because of a particular problem in one of my areas of responsibility at work. I realized very quickly that I could learn and apply affiliate marketing for myself especially as at the time I was looking ahead to retirement. Now retirement is coming ever closer. I am still very busy with my day job but in my spare time, I have built a website that is slowly and steadily growing in authority and traffic. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone, I often bemoan the time I spend in front of a screen and my family constantly complains that I need to spend more time with them and exercising and being outside in nature. So life needs balance, but I have no doubt at all that Wealthy Affiliate, is, if not one of the best, then the best all-in-one learning by doing platform for affiliate marketing for people of all generations.
    Best regards

    • Thanks for your comment Tyler. Glad to learn that you are already an affiliate marketer at Wealthy Affiliate. You have already started on your retirement plan with this as you will continue to generate more and more passive income as the years roll by.

      All affiliate marketing platforms are not created equal. Wealthy Affiliate is very good in entry level – hold your hand type of training – which is really what you need when you are starting out in affiliate marketing. Of course not having upsells too makes it all the more attractive.


  3. I love the post on affiliate marketing, and I like how you have blended it into your website.. What I like most about Wealthy Affiliate is the community is comprised of many people from all over the world and of various ages.

    • Going into affiliate marketing requires some helpful insight which is why I have these relevant articles. Glad you found value.


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