Weighted Blanket Review – Popular Fabula Life King

Looking for a high-quality weighted blanket? Check out this weighted blanket review of the popular Fabula Life King Size and find out how it can improve your sleep and overall wellbeing.

Finding a weighted blanket review for a King-sized weighted blanket can be challenging. There are very few. It can also be tough when out searching for a King-sized weighted blanket because there are not as many of them as regular and smaller sizes.

While there are very many weighted blankets on the market today, a weighted blanket review of the King-sized Fabula life can be extremely useful .

This review provides the reader with detailed information following a comparison of various brands from a previous round-up review of Top-rated King sized weighted blankets.

The benefits provided by weighted blankets are derived from deep touch stimulation which in turn ramp up serotonin (the feel-good hormone) in the body.

This has been discussed in previous articles (Washable Weighted blanketsTop-Rated King Sizes Only, and Weighted Blankets for Seniors.)

Top Requirements for Buying a King Size Weighted Blanket

There are four major requirements you should consider when shopping for a King-sized weighted blanket.

These are comfort, dimensions, recommended weight and your budget. Do not go after aesthetics alone.

Fortunately, aesthetics is not a criterion for King sizes because they only come in ash Grey or deep Grey color.

King-size weighted blankets are not cheap. They require extra stitching to ensure quality. This ensures that the inner filling is evenly distributed across the blanket and that the blanket does not easily fall apart and leak the beads.


Always search for a blanket made from a material that you find comfortable – soft and plush, lightweight, cotton, bamboo, or hypoallergenic.

Recommended Weight by Manufacturers

Manufacturers recommend buying a weighted blanket that weighs approximately 6-13% of your body weight or 10% of the combined weight of you and your partner.

It is usually safer to go with a 10% body weight either way.

Blanket Size

King sizes may come in either “true King-size” of 88″x104″ or “regular King-size” of 80″x87″. It is recommended that you always take measurements of your bed before ordering.

This will ensure that you order the correct size and that you do not have to return this heavy blanket.

Cost – Are Weighted Blankets Worth the Money?

The blanket price is generally based on the size and weight selected for purchase.

Additional Benefits of the Weighted Blanket

While a weighted blanket generally helps calm people who are having trouble seeping, they are also believed to provide some other benefits. These include the following:

  • Decreasing levels of the stress hormone called cortisol
  • Creating a general “feel good” effect by boosting the release of dopamine
  • Reducing blood pressure

Individuals Who Should Avoid Using a Weighted Blanket

Certain individuals should not use weighted blankets. Some seniors may fall under this category. These are individuals with

FABULA LIFE King Size Duvet tab
FABULA LIFE King Size Duvet tab
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Circulation problems
  • Breathing issues

Weighted Blanket Review – Product Specifications

The Fabula Life weighted blanket comes in “true Kingsize” of 88″x104″ (20, 30, or 40lb).

Detailed specifications are provided in the comparative round-up review of Top-Rated King Sizes Only

MATERIAL – Ultra-breathable cloud-like fabric made from 100% natural cotton makes the blankets soft and comfortable.

DURABILITY AND DESIGN – The blanket stitching employs advanced sewing techniques to prevent bunching and glass bead leakage.

The Fabula Life weighted blanket has a 7- multi-layer design, which makes the blanket warmer and durable. The non-glue polyester padding keeps warm while preventing the beads from rolling around too much and creating noise. Two extra polyester layers prevent leakage of the beads and provide a secure sleep/

DUVET COVER – This is not included and will need to be purchased separately if required. The weighted blanket is fitted with eight tabs to which a separate duvet cover may be attached.

Fabula Life Weighted Blanket Review – PROS

  • The Fabula Life weighted blanket is 100% natural cotton, soft and breathable. The skin can breathe under this blanket making you stay nice and cool. Each of the blanket edges is tightly wrapped to prevent bead leakage
  • Has an inner filling of hypoallergenic, non-toxic high-density fine glass beads.
  • The glass beads are evenly distributed across the blanket and the stitching prevents bunching of the beads and leakage.
  • The pockets around the edges of the blanket do not have much weight fill which prevents pooling around the edges of the blanket
  • A duvet cover is not provided. If this is required, it must be purchased separately. The cover keeps the blanket cleaner for longer and is a good investment.
  • The blanket itself is not machine washable. The manufacturer recommends dry cleaning. This is a preferred method in the absence of the use of a removable duvet cover for more frequent washing.

Fabula Life Weighted Blanket Review – CONS

  • The popularity of the Fabula Life weighted blanket causes it to often be in limited stock and you may have to wait a little longer to get your order.
  • The weighted blanket is only available in a single ash grey color.
  • There is no removable washable duvet cover. This means that the blanket will need to be cleaned more frequently. Purchasing a duvet cover reduces this need, but increases the overall cost for the blanket.
  • A duvet cover with more than 8 ties is needed to secure this heavy blanket.

In Conclusion – King Size Fabula Life Weighted Blankets

Many people are opting for weighted blankets to get a good night’s sleep. There are increasingly more and more weighted blankets in the marketplace.

However, there are fewer options when searching for King sized weighted blankets and even fewer reviews of these King sizes.

This Fabula Life weighted blanket review provides one of several in-depth evaluations of the pros and cons to help you in your final product selection for purchase.

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Fabula Life King Weighted Blanket






Single colour


Weighted beads distributed evenly





  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Durable with strong stitching
  • Even bead distribution


  • May be pricey for some
  • Single color
  • Popular but frequently out of stock

4 thoughts on “Weighted Blanket Review – Popular Fabula Life King”

  1. I have been looking for a weighted blanket for quite some time now but there are so many out there that it gets super confusing. Thankfully, I found your review on the Fabula Life Weighted Blanket In King Size! Now I have a better idea what to look for in terms of pros and cons.

    Although I like the color grey, I would have liked to see if the manufactures could invest in producing more variety of colors. Also, I like that it is hypoallergenic as I have allergies that get triggered quite quickly! My main concern with this blanket is that it is not machine washable and is steeply priced- yikes!

    I have heard of great benefits with using a weighted blanket, main one being improved seep quality(as your post mentions too). However, would you recommend this kind of blanket for people who have anxiety?

  2. Hi Ceci. Thank you very much for this very informative, detailed review. I like such a blanket very much, and especially in the wintertime, they are warm. But I never heard about the effect of the brain and its Chemie, very interesting. I am convinced this blanket will help seniors sleep better and function better if it impacts the brain and the mood in such a manner.
    The only con is that you need to dry clean the blanket. I love to wash them more often.


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