What Supplements Help Leg Cramps? -The Best Ones

Many leg cramp sufferers in their despair, looking for relief ask what supplements help leg cramps? This is understandable, because of the excruciating pain, but this option should preferably be explored after trying dietary changes and some simple home remedies.

A leg cramp is a sudden pain in the leg, foot, or thigh and is brought about by abrupt muscle contraction in one part of the leg. During a cramp, leg muscles become tight and cause pain usually lasting for a few seconds to several minutes.

Experiencing a leg cramp usually awakens your curiosity to find out its cause. Check Reasons for Leg Cramps – Natural Remedies That Work

Leg cramps are uncomfortable due to to the throbbing pain, and even when a cramp goes away, you still feel pain in the affected region due to the stiff and tightened muscles. Such a feeling is super discomforting especially when you are in deep sleep.

So, is there a solution to prevent leg cramps, or at best provide some relief? What supplements help leg cramps?

While researching this article, a lot of old wives tales were encountered. Some people insist that supplements help with muscle cramps while others disagree over the level of relief provided!

If you continuously experience leg or muscle cramps after exercise, at night, or have them affecting your physical daily activities, please consult your doctor.

If you do not want cramps to affect your sleep, then preventive measures could be increasing your natural intake of vitamins or minerals in your diet, or taking supplements. Understanding the reasons for the use of one over the other is important.

But what supplements help leg cramps? We have listed a few of the more popular supplements, from reviews below.

What Supplements Help Leg Cramps

Studies have shown that a deficiency of particular vitamins and minerals causes cramping and muscle pain – Reasons for Leg Cramps

Popular vitamin and mineral supplements described in this article found from consumer reviews and medical articles are Vitamin B1, Magnesium, Vitamin D and Potassium. Recommended dosage is 1 tablet a day or as recommended by your doctor.

Other topical relief products are discussed in another article.

Vitamin B1

Thiamine (vitamin B1) is a water-soluble vitamin that helps us digest and extract energy from food to create useable energy to assist with metabolism. It also plays an important role in the production of red blood cells.

Because the body cannot produce thiamine, we must get it from the foods we eat to prevent a deficiency.

It is therefore understandable that a deficiency of this vitamin could cause muscle cramps and leg pain after running as the muscles seek to quickly create energy for their oxygen -low cells.

Other signs of a deficiency of vitamin B1 are weakness of muscles, muscle wasting and pain and stiffness in the legs.

Food like vegetables, meat products, and legumes are rich in Vitamin B1. Supplements help to increase the intake of vitamin B1. Check out other function of B1 in vitamin B complex.

What Supplements Help Leg Cramps? Popular Vitamin B1 Supplements

NATURAL FACTORS B-1 Thiamine Hcl 100mg

The container has 90 (100mg) capsules. The recommended adult dose is 1 tablet per day or as recommended by a doctor.

JAMIESON Vitamin B1 Thiamine 100 mg

This vegetarian supplement comes as a container of 100 capsules. It is free of salt, sugar, gluten, lactose, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

The recommended adult dose is 1 tablet per day or as directed by a doctor.


Magnesium is widely used to treat leg cramps, especially in Latin America and Europe. But many clinical studies of magnesium treatment for cramps found it to be ineffective (Healthline) although some people insist it works.

The Best Magnesium Supplements for You

Keep in mind that there could be several reasons for leg cramps. You might possibly be low in some other nutrient.

For example, there is an inter-related relationship between magnesium, calcium and potassium which are both also involved in muscle cramping (Healthline).

If low levels or a deficiency of one of these is present, it is unlikely that magnesium would help.

On the other hand, magnesium does help some people.

A high intake of magnesium in the diet lessens leg cramps at night. Doctors suggest taking at least 300-milligram magnesium daily.

Nuts, lentils, and quinoa are rich in magnesium. But they fulfill the need slowly. So, if you want to speed up the process, you may wish to switch to magnesium supplements for leg cramps.

What Supplements Help Leg Cramps? – Popular Magnesium Supplements

ATP LAB Synermag Magnesium Complex – Non GMO – Made in Canada

A high potency magnesium formula for optimal muscle function which helps with restless legs. It also keeps the bones healthy and assists with heart health.

The supplement contains four forms – Magnesium (malate) 250 mg, Taurine 200 mg, Magnesium (glycinate) 250 mg, and Vitamin B6 (pyridoxal 5-Phosphate).

Each type provides unique health benefits including pain relief and quality sleep. All these benefits are provided in this supplement instead of you needing to buy multiple supplements

This vegan and non-GMO supplement is safe and tested for purity and potency by a third-party laboratory. 

SynerMag Magnesium complex comes in a jar of 90 capsules and the recommended adult dose is 1 tablet per day or as directed by a doctor.

Another popular Magnesium complex supplement is Natural Stacks MagTech Magnesium Supplement w/ Magtein Magnesium L-Threonate, Glycinate & Taurate – 45 Servings (90ct). It is a very good source of electrolytes.

PHI NATURALS Magnesium Citrate Capsules Non-GMO – Made in the USA

This supplement contains 400mg of pure Magnesium Citrate per serving in 180 veggie capsules. Magnesium helps your body with sore muscles, bone health, digestion, energy production and may also help to improve sleep.

Furthermore, it supports cardiovascular and heart health, has anti-inflammatory properties and may also be used to relieve mild constipation.

Vitamin D

A deficiency of Vitamin D can destroy your bones. Muscle mass is decreased and bones become weak due to lack of vitamin D.

Vitamin D intake, when combined with sufficient calcium, a healthy diet and regular exercise may reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis in people with a deficiency.

Doctors have claimed that intake of this vitamin improves leg cramps and muscle pain. As we all know, milk and yogurt are good sources of vitamin D.

Unfortunately, a large number of people avoid dairy products for a variety of reasons. Vitamin D supplements will work best for such people.

Supplements for Leg Cramps – Popular Vitamin D Supplements

NATURE’S BOUNTY Vegetarian Vitamin D3 2500 IU

This Non-GMO, gluten and dairy free soft gel supplement comes in a value size container of 270 tablets.

WEBBER NATURALS Extra Strength Vitamin D3 2,500 IU

If you don’t like the unflavored big supplement capsules (which are also available – Webber Naturals Extra Strength Vitamin D3 2,500 IU, 180 Softgels then try these gummies available in the form of berry-flavor.

Each gummy contains  62.5mcg (2,500 IU) of vitamin D. One container of Webber Naturals contains 75 gummies. Promotes healthy bones, teeth, and the maintenance of good health.

It is free of artificial colors, preservatives, or sweeteners. No dairy, starch, sugar, wheat, gluten, yeast, soy, corn, egg, fish, shellfish, salt tree nuts, or GMOs. Available in soft gel and tablet form


Potassium is one of the most important minerals necessary for the proper function of muscle and nerve cells. A deficiency of potassium can cause leg cramps. 

What Supplements Help Leg Cramps? – Popular Potassium / Calcium / Magnesium Supplement Options

NATURELO Bone Strength – Plant-Based Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin D3, VIT C, K2

This popular supplement includes 9 critical co-factors that enhance Calcium absorption – Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Potassium, Boron, Silicon, as well as, Vitamins C, D3, & K2.

It provides 600 mg of elemental Calcium, 200 mg of naturally-sourced Magnesium, 1000 IU of Vitamin D3, and 7 Other important Vitamins & Minerals.

The supplement does not contain GMOs, soy, gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, coloring, preservatives, or flavoring. It is also free of animal by-products, and is appropriate for vegans and vegetarians.

Another popular option is Country Life Target Mins – Calcium Magnesium Potassium, 500mg/500mg/99mg – 180 Tablets

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Conclusion – What Supplements Help Leg Cramps?

If you suffer from leg cramps and want to know what supplements help, it is hoped that the information provided in this article has been useful.

Keep in mind that using supplements for leg cramps should be combined with discussion with a healthcare professional especially if they occur frequently.

Consider leaving a comment below about your experience with supplements for leg cramps and any “off the beaten path” treatment for leg cramps you may have used.

What is your body lacking when you have leg cramps?

When you have leg cramps, your body may be lacking electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium, or calcium.


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