Wooden Crook Handle Canes – The Most Popular Types

Wooden Crook Handle Canes although regarded as the traditional cane design, remain one of the most prescribed walking canes. The wooden design of these canes make them popular with the elderly who express greater confidence in the solid construction.

Crook Handle Walking Canes

These are straight canes designed with a unique slightly curved handle. This provides an easier grip on the cane.

It allows for a more relaxed grasp which prevents cramping in the hands caused by gripping the cane too tightly over extended periods of time.

The popularity of these canes arise from their easy grip, maneuvering and easy carriage. They have been given a variety of names because of their unique construction.

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The crook, of the cane may be held in either hand with the stick facing forwards or backwards. Aside from being beneficial for seniors and the elderly, they are are also used to provide people with foot sprains or injuries added support and necessary relief while walking

There are a few highly rated types available on the market which we will consider.

Consider The Following 5 Factors Before Choosing a Crook Cane

The Intended Use of the Cane

Why do you need to use a cane? Is a crook handle the preferred option? Ask questions and consult your doctor.

Wooden Crook Handle Canes – Type of Cane

There are many different types of walking sticks, but there is no “one size fits all”. Choice will depend on the physical and medical condition of the user. A crook cane may not be the solution needed, but a tripod or a quad cane.

Many people use canes while in recovery from procedures such as knee or hip surgeries. Because mobility at these times is limited, doctors may suggest the use of other types of canes or walkers for additional support and balance to accommodate their weight.  

Weight Bearing Capacity of the Cane

Canes are designed for a specific weight range and are meant to be sized for each person. Check for the weight bearing capacity of the cane to ensure that it can support your weight before making a choice.

A crook cane generally has a weight limit of about 250 lbs.. Consulting a doctor is recommended if the cane is to be used as an assistive device for a medical condition as other different types of canes may be suggested based on the users needs.

Cane Height

The height of the cane should be considered to ensure that the cane is comfortable when being used.

The Handle Type and Grip Material

Crook handle canes are meant for orthopedic purposes. The handle may be bare or additional grip material may be added.

A standard metal cane with a crook handle can have a vinyl or rubber grip, which provides strength and a non-slip grip for the user. Some users prefer bare handled canes while others may end up deciding to use a handle grip cover.

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Types of Wooden Crook Handle Canes

There are 4 highly rated types available on the market which we will consider: 3 of them are made in the USA.

PCP Wood Cane with Round Handle, Crook Style, Mahogany

PCP Wood Cane with Round Handle
PCP Wood Cane with Round Handle
  • Cane is made from solid natural wood and is carved as a single piece construction.
  • Attributes include strength, durability, and support providing
  • A proven stability aid for seniors, medical recovery, and added balance for confidence navigating around.
  • Large size round handle, modeled after the round shape of a shepherd’s crook.
  • The cane length from handle to the tip is 36″ (91 cm) and can be cut to the desired height of the user.
  • This lightweight cane weighs approximately 13 oz. (under 1 lbs). Its ridged design helps reduce stress brought on by while walking and standing, and is easy to maneuver.

Brazos 602-3000-1222 58-Inch Free Form Oak Shepherds Crook Walking Stick

Brazos 58-Inch Free Form Oak Shepherds Crook Walking Stick
Brazos 58-Inch Free Form Oak Shepherds Crook Walking Stick
  • Individually handcrafted cane. No two canes are exactly alike
  • Shaft material is made of natural oak wood. oak
  • Maximum height recommendation is 5.33 feet
  • Strong, durable and lightweight
  • The wood has a beautiful grain which bring out its best features when stained with an attractive finish in red, brown or tan
  • The rubber tip gives you good traction on most surfaces.
  • Each walking stick is made in the USA by Master woodworkers.

Unisex Round Nose Comfort Crook Cane Walnut

Unisex Round Nose Comfort Crook Cane
Unisex Round Nose Comfort Crook Cane
  • Round Nose Crook handle provides comfortable support
  • Maximum height recommended by the manufacturer is 36 inches
  • The hardwood shaft comes in walnut finish and is 1 inch in diameter
  • Weight bearing capacity of the cane is to a maximum of 250lbs.
  • The cane comes equipped with a steel reinforced suction grip rubber tip.
  • Made in the US by the leading cane manufacturer, Harvy Canes.

Brazos Twisted Oak Crook Neck Classic Wood Cane, 37″, Brown

Brazos Twisted Oak Crook Neck Classic Wood Cane
Brazos Twisted Oak Crook Neck Classic Wood Cane
  • Handcrafted cane. No two canes are exactly the same.
  • Strong, sturdy and solid shaft is constructed from oak
  • Available in 37 inches height
  • This unique cane has a crook neck handle, it is distinctive for the Brazos signature twist spiraling down its shaft.
  • The smooth handle feels comfortable in the hand while the rubber tip provides good traction on most surfaces.
  • Each walking cane is made in the USA by master woodworkers. H

Conclusion –  Wooden Crook Handle Canes

As with all canes, Crook Handle Canes should never be viewed as indestructible no matter how sturdy they look. Careful review of 5 key will guide the user in making the right choice.

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