Crook Handle Walking Canes – How to Choose Carefully

There are several different types of crook handle walking canes. This cane design is frequently referred to as the traditional walking cane.

While many designs are solely constructed for function and safety, many modern designs are now being made for sale and are available in the marketplace.

What Are Crook Handle Walking Canes?

This design is one of the most prescribed. It is a straight cane with a unique slightly curved handle. an easier grip on the cane with a more relaxed grasp preventing cramping in the hands from gripping the cane too tightly over long periods of time.

These canes are popular because they allow easy grip and maneuvering and are convenient to carry. These canes have been given a variety of names because of their unique construction.

Aside from being called traditional , they are also referred to as Shepherd’s Cane because of the similarity to a shepherd’s crook which has a pronounced curve.  Other names for these canes are Tourist Handle canes or J Handles .

The Tourist is the handle type on most canes. It is an inverted “J” shape and is also known as a Hook handle.

The Crook, which may be held in either hand with the stick facing either forwards or backwards, offers good everyday support and may be hung over the user’s arm when not in use.

Reasons for Popularity of Crook Handle Walking Canes

The cane is a preferred option by many because of its strength and durability being constructed from a single piece of wood and designed with a natural hook or a steamed hook shape.

It has the added convenience of  being easy to hook onto the user’s arm, the arm or back of chairs and doorknobs and anything thing else that it can be safely hooked on to.

Furthermore, the rounded handle of the crook and hook handle cane enables the user to walk with a natural swing movement.

While many canes are solely designed for function, modern designs are now being crafted to afford some limited use as fashion pieces.

Crook Handle canes can be used for other miscellaneous function such as closing a door , dragging a small furniture piece like a stool, self defense, and other functions that would require user reach – if they are safe.

Man Holding a Crook Handle Walking Cane - Crook Handle Walking Canes
Crook Handle Walking Cane

Benefits of Crook Walking Canes

  • The canes come in different shapes, sizes, lengths, and materials. Some are  adjustable, with a telescoping effect.
  • Long lasting, as most are sturdy and durable
  • Most are inexpensive
  • They provide an orthopedic grip like offset handle canes
  • Crook canes are commonly used as an assistive cane to alleviate pain that may be associated with walking or standing and are also used to aid users with balance.
  • Good as temporary canes for use when travelling.

Check These Criteria Before Choosing a Crook Cane

Intended Use

Identify why you need to use a cane before you choose what type of crook handle cane to buy. A crook handle cane may not necessarily be suitable. Ask questions and consult your doctor.

Weight Capacity

Canes are designed for a specific weight range and are meant to be sized for each person. Check for the weight bearing capacity of the cane to ensure that it can support your weight before making a choice.

A crook cane generally has a weight limit of about 250 lbs. However, weight capacity also depends on the unit’s construction material.

Consulting a doctor is recommended if the cane is to be used as an assistive device for a medical condition as other different types of canes may be suggested based on the users needs.

The Type of Cane

There are many different types of walking sticks, but there is no “one size fits all”. Choice will depend on the physical and medical condition of the user. A crook cane may not be the solution needed, but a tripod or a quad cane.

Many people use canes while in recovery from procedures such as knee or hip surgeries.

Because mobility at these times is limited, doctors may suggest the use of other types of canes or walkers for additional support and balance to accommodate their weight.  

Handle Type

Crook handle canes are meant for orthopedic purposes. The handle may be bare or additional grip material may be added.

A standard metal cane with a crook handle can feature a vinyl or rubber grip, which is built for strength and provides non-slip gripping for the user.

Some users prefer bare handled canes while others may end up deciding to use a handle grip cover.

Width of the Cane Tip

The width of the tip of a walking cane is determined by the size of the stick itself. It is important that you know the size before buying because sooner or later the rubber tip will have to be replaced.

Most common rubber cane tips range from 0.25 – 1 inch, although some may be slightly smaller in width.

Construction Materials Used for Crook Handle Canes

Senior hand over the handle of a Crook handle walking cane - Crook Handle Walking Canes
Wooden Crook Handle

Crook canes are constructed from a variety of materials. This plays an important role in deciding what the weight bearing limit of the cane will be.

Certain wood types are more durable than others. Materials include:

  • Conventional hardwood
  • Premium hardwoods like Chestnut & Walnut
  • Crook wooden canes where the shaft comes with a natural presentation, i.e. with slights twists and bends.
  • Bamboo
  • Acrylic and Lucite
  • Sapele wood  and seasoned common woods for crook handles
  • Some metal crook canes are made of steel, although most are made with aluminum, due to its lightweight and durability. 

Conclusion –  Crook Handle Walking Canes

As with all canes, Crook Handle Walking Canes should never be viewed as indestructible no matter how sturdy they look. Careful review of criteria will guide a user to making the right choice.

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