Eye Health in Seniors – What to Expect in Aging Eyes

Reading glasses placed on top of a newspaper - Changes in the Body With Age

Eye health in seniors is important as normal age related eye changes can weaken vision. The most common causes of this vision loss among aging adults are age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract, and diabetic retinopathy. However, several conditions rarely cause vision loss, but rather create discomfort Normal Age-Related Eye Changes and Eye Concerns for Seniors …

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How Aging Affects Vision – Best Foods for Aging Eyes

Laser directed at an eye during examination - Eye Health in Seniors

Good lifestyle habits and good nutrition can help delay how aging affects vision and prevent the onset of certain eye problems. As you grow older and enter your senior years, knowing what to expect and when it is necessary to seek professional assistance can help you to seek professional care and provide preventative measures to …

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Best Alarm Clocks for Seniors – How to Compare

CAZOKASI Alarm Clock for Seniors

Discover the best alarm clocks for seniors and learn how to compare similar looking brands to make the right selection for elderly individuals. Searching for the best alarm clocks for seniors is not an easy venture because there are numerous brands on the market, with many of them looking very similar, so it is easy …

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Best Cell Phones For Senior Citizens – How to Select

Red Flip Cell Phone - Best Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

Selecting the best cell phones for senior citizens is just as much of a personal choice as with any other purchase. It starts with deciding the type of phone, looking for a model that fits the allocated budget which has features that meet personal needs. As a senior looking for a new mobile phone, this …

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The Best Talking Products for the Visually Impaired – Alarm Clocks

CIRBIC Alarm Clock for the Visually Impaired

Finding the best talking products for the visually impaired can be a cumbersome exercise. Special alarm clocks are just one assistive technology product that improve the functional capabilities of individuals with low vision giving them an enhanced lifestyle (Microsoft News 2019). Several brands and models of these alarm clocks are readily available for sale in …

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How to Maintain Independence – Prevent Causes of Falls in Seniors

Senior exercising with two pink dumbbells

To maintain independence, there is nothing more important than knowing the causes of falls in seniors and the elderly. This is because a fall or an associated injury can compromise independence. Once this happens, the fear of falling again takes hold, and this heavy baggage can make you anxious about doing almost anything! In this …

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9 Natural Remedies for Eyesight-Improve Vision

Eye-test-vector - 9 Natural Remedies for Eyesight

Explore eye health and how to improve your vision with 9 natural remedies for eyesight. This has increasingly become important in a world dominated by screens, where we constantly find ourselves glued to smartphones, computers, and televisions. These all subject the eyes to more stress than ever before. Good eyesight is a precious asset, and …

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