15 Helpful Preventive Health Screening Guidelines

Normal Heart Rate showing across drawing of a red heart -Preventive Health Screenings Guidelines

Preventive health screening guidelines provide age appropriate tests that can help prevent illness and promote healthy aging. The guidelines used are for CTFPHC- Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care, and the United States Preventive Services Task force. Most of the guidelines listed here are for Canadian adult patients of average risk for the disease who are asymptomatic. The …

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Unlock 5 Recommended Health Screenings for Adults

Doctor-holding-blood-tube-test-in-the-research-laboratory-and-paper-with-check-up-written-on-it-Unlock 5 Recommended Health Screenings for Adults

As we grow older, being in the right state of health is of the utmost importance. Do you know the doctor recommended health screenings for adults that help enhance the quality of senior health? While the fear of cancer is something that strikes all, cancer screening for seniors screening can provide early diagnosis and be …

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7 Best Wearable Fitness Trackers for Seniors- 2024

Are you a senior looking for ways to take better care of your health? Fitness trackers for seniors might be just the thing you need! Maintaining an active lifestyle is important for both physical and mental well-being. But how can you stay motivated and monitor your progress? With the help of fitness trackers, you can …

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What Exercises Reduce Belly Fat: 3 Helpful Types

Woman pinching her belly fat with both hands - What Exercises Reduce Belly Fat

What exercises reduce belly fat as we age? Maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes important for overall well-being. Seniors often struggle with stubborn belly fat that persists despite their best efforts. This belly fat not only affects appearance but also increases health risks like heart disease, diabetes, and reduced mobility. Thankfully, with exercises tailored to senior …

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7 Inexpensive Senior Exercise Equipment: Guide

Grow Young Fitness Weight Loss Jump Start Exercises for Seniors - DVD - 7 Inexpensive Senior Exercise Equipment

Choosing the right senior exercise equipment is key to maintaining health and vitality in your golden years. With the right tools, seniors can safely improve their fitness, enhance mobility, and boost overall well-being. This guide will walk you through the key considerations and tips for selecting the best exercise equipment to meet the unique needs …

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7 Best Low Impact Pedal Exerciser for Seniors

Male Physiotherapist assisting a woman sitting on a couch with a leg pedal exerciser - 7 Best Low Impact Pedal Exerciser for Seniors

We introduce the low impact pedal exerciser for seniors and the elderly that aims to enhance their cardiovascular health, joint mobility, and circulation without the strain associated with traditional exercise equipment. As we age, maintaining an active lifestyle becomes challenging. Studies show that over 30% of seniors struggle with reduced mobility, which hinders their ability …

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10 Benefits of Senior Exercise Videos: Focus

Hasfit Senior DVD - 10 Benefits of Senior Exercise Videos

In today’s digital age, staying fit has never been easier, thanks to Senior Exercise videos. Imagine the convenience of having a personal trainer in your living room, guiding you through exercises tailored specifically for your needs. These videos offer a multitude of benefits, from improving physical health to boosting mental well-being, all from the comfort …

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How to Stop Smoking For Good: 10 Bold Steps

yellow-notepad-with-quit-smoking-text-on-wooden-table-background - How to Stop Smoking For Good

Learning how to stop smoking for good is possibly one of the most challenging yet rewarding journeys you can undertake. Kicking the smoking habit can seem insurmountable, but just imagine a life where you wake up every day feeling energized, with clearer lungs and a healthier body. Picture yourself free from the constant urge to …

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6 Best Small Smoothie Blenders: Canada 2024

smoothie-in-a-glass-surrounded-by-berries - 6 Best Small Smoothies Blenders

As Canadians increasingly embrace healthier lifestyles, the demand for small smoothie blenders has skyrocketed, reflecting a broader commitment to nutritious living. Are you looking for a personal smoothie blender? Choosing the right smoothie blender is important, as it significantly affects the quality and nutritional value of smoothies. To assist in selecting the ideal personal smoothie …

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How Does Stress Affect Aging?- 11 Tips for Life

stress-relax-wooden-signpost-with-two-arrows-sky-with-clouds-in-background - How Does Stress Affect Aging

Does stress affect aging? Yes, stress can indeed affect aging, both at a physiological and psychological level. Sometimes, excessive stress causes severe mental illness and worries in response to challenges. Such reactions can force a person to age fast making them more isolated and worried. Stress is generally regarded as not being good for your …

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17 Effects of Caffeine on the Body – Good and Bad

hot latte coffee cup in wooden background - 17 Effects of Caffeine on the Body

Love your coffee and cannot do without it? Ever wondered at the effects of caffeine on the body? How much is too much of coffee and anything with caffeine in it for your body? In a world fueled by the aromatic allure of coffee shops and the buzz of energy drinks, caffeine stands as the …

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5 Best and Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices for Home [UPDATED 2024]

Woman measuring her blood pressure at home while sitting at a table with the blood pressure cuff on her arm and with the other hand, she is pressing the start button on the device - 5 Best and Most Accurate Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices

Are you looking for blood pressure monitoring devices for home? Are you one of the 1.3 billion people worldwide affected by high blood pressure? Did you know that hypertension, often called the “silent killer,” rarely causes symptoms but it can lead to severe complications like heart disease, stroke, and kidney damage if you don’t check …

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The Best Air Fryers in Canada – 5 Safest

Air fryer on kitchen counter top - The Best Air Fryers in Canada

If you have decided to buy an air fryer, welcome to a review of the 5 best air fryers in Canada where you will understand why they are considered as the best. Your air fryer is a multi-functioning tool that not only offers deep-fried foods but also reheated foods. While they do not need much …

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Best Exercise to Get Rid of Belly Fat – Which?

Obese Man Measuring Round His Abdomen With Measuring Tape - Exercise to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Is there truly a best exercise to get rid of belly fat, or does it just build muscle? Are there any exercises to get rid of belly fat for seniors? Have you ever wondered why all your best efforts to exercise to lose belly fat never seem to produce results? This article attempts to answer …

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5 Ways to Combat Middle Age Spread

Woman pinching her belly fat with both hands - What Exercises Reduce Belly Fat

Are you looking for ways to combat middle age spread? First understand its causes, before you tackle the issue. Middle age spread, also known as abdominal obesity or weight gain around the midsection, can result from a combination of factors. This article reviews the causes and ways to combat middle age spread. 8 Causes of …

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7 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Body Weight [SENIORS]

Nutrition for Seniors - 7 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Knowing ways to maintain a healthy body weight in your senior years is something to seek. This is because they assist with overall well-being, independence, and longevity. This article explores 7 ways to maintain a healthy weight in seniors and explains the benefits derived from following them. Ways to Maintain a Healthy Body Weight in …

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5 Most Common Age Related Diseases -Prevention

NISKODR Total Body Exercise Peddler - Most Common Age Related Diseases

As we age, we become increasingly susceptible to a spectrum of health conditions, commonly known as age-related diseases. Age related diseases are characterized by their onset or increased prevalence with advancing age, significantly impacting the health and well-being of older adults. This article discusses these diverse ailments including cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative disorders, osteoporosis, and diabetes, …

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How to Take Care of You – 8 Choices to Age Well

Stopping the clock on the aging process is impossible so the best thing is to learn how to take care of you so that you can age well into the golden years of life. The aging process is like a runaway train each and everyday of life. Understanding it will help with healthy aging and …

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9 Healthy Aging Tips for Seniors – Live Longer

Woman sleeping peacefully on pillow - Healthy Aging Tips for Seniors

The journey of aging requires the adoption of healthy aging tips for seniors. Without a conscious effort to make lifestyle changes, aging can become a minefield of aches, pain, disease and discomfort! This article evaluates the importance of healthy aging and provides an overview of tips that can contribute to a fulfilling and vibrant senior …

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How to Lose Fat Quickly – 4 Healthy Fats to Eat

Almonds-Peanuts-Walnuts - How to Lose Fat Quickly

If you have ever wondered how to lose fat quickly, this article is a must read! Try adding healthy fats to your diet to lose excess fat. Is this really possible? The truth is that fats are not the villains of the nutrition world but are actually essential allies in your quest for a balanced …

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