Reasons for Leg Cramps – Natural Remedies That Work

The reasons for leg cramps are sought by millions of people around the world who suffer from very painful cramps or spasms in the thigh, calf and foot. This often happens during the night but can also occur during the day because of exercise. Seniors are no exception.

There are 10 causes of leg cramps split between general causes and causes due to medical conditions. Some natural ways of treating them are discussed in addition to some simple exercises.

Leg cramps caused by medical conditions cannot be treated by simple remedies. Diagnosis and treatment of these conditions can only be made by a doctor.


Reasons For Leg Cramps – General Causes


Over Exertion

Too much exercise especially when your muscles are not used to it can cause cramping and spasms in the legs. This is one of the reasons for leg cramps and pain.

This frequently occurs for example if you live a sedentary lifestyle and then go for a long walk, run or other activity.

It is why you are encouraged to start any exercise regimen slowly and gradually build up the intensity. Cramping and spasms in the legs caused by over exertion can be particularly painful.

Over exertion can be one of the reasons for leg cramps in elderly people because many typically maintain a sedentary lifestyle.

REMEDY: Consume sunflower seeds, almonds or wheat germ oil to speed up recovery after over exercising the muscles. The vitamin E they contain is released to help repair plasma membranes in the muscle cells.

Low Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an essential vitamin which increases oxygen to the muscles and prevents cramping. If levels are low in the body, you may experience muscle tenderness, cramps and even heart pain (angina). Vitamin E can prevent angina by strengthening the heart muscles.

REMEDY: Consume sunflower seeds, avocado, lettuce, asparagus, and almonds to get more vitamin E into the body. This will help to increase the oxygen capacity in the muscle cells. Oxygen deprivation in muscle cells is a known cause of cramping.


Pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin seeds

The most common cause of muscle cramps and spasms in the legs is a deficiency in minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium and chloride). Muscle cells require lots of potassium, magnesium and calcium to function properly.

REMEDY: Consume pumpkin seeds, avocados, kale, Swiss chard and almonds to help boost the intake of potassium and magnesium.

Sea kelp is one of the highest sources of calcium along with small-boned fish like anchovies or sardines and eating them boosts calcium levels.


Salt is essential for the human body and is required for proper muscle function. Salt’s chemical name is sodium chloride derived from a combination of sodium (Na) and chloride (Cl). Sodium is the electrolyte used to electrically charge muscle cells.

Consequently, if you have low salt levels, you may experience twitching in the muscles or cramping.

REMEDY: Avoid the use of commercial grade salts as they are loaded with harmful fillers like aluminum, maltodextrin, and anti-clumping agents. Use of Pink Himalayan salt or ancient seabed salts is recommended.


Many medications have some serious side effects which can trigger leg cramps if they deplete or block minerals from entering body cells. This is a possible source of cramps in the elderly.

Some of the most common medicines which cause leg cramps are statins for cholesterol and osteoporosis, anti-acid medications, anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen, calcium channel blockers, serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, proton pump inhibitors, and fake estrogen tablets.

Antibiotics used for treating infections can also cause problems with the muscles and tendons. These antibiotics are sometimes able to alter the pH of the colon to block some nutrient uptake.

REMEDY: Always check on the side effect of any medication before use and discuss with your doctor. If after doing so, you begin to observe cramping and spasms, return to your doctor for a re-evaluation.

Sometimes a combination of 2 or more medications taken together for different ailments can interact and cause problems.


Indigestion, heartburn, bloating or acid reflux are conditions caused by low stomach acid. This is very common as we age because the stomach starts to become very alkaline (high pH).

To effectively absorb minerals like magnesium and potassium you require a stomach with strong acidity (low pH).

Insulin Resistance Could be Due to Bulging Belly
Insulin Resistance Could be Due to Bulging Belly

Remedy: Take 1-2 apple cider vinegar capsules before a meal to create strong acidity in the stomach to allow better absorption of electrolyte minerals.

Eating an apple before a meal would also produce a similar effect albeit on a much smaller scale.

Reasons For Leg Cramps – Causes Due to Medical Conditions


People with bulging belly fat may have insulin resistance. They usually have a problem absorbing potassium, magnesium and other nutrients into the muscle cells especially if diabetic resulting in muscle spasms.

These muscles weaken over time because of their inability to absorb enough protein and amino acids.

REMEDY: Consult your physician if you suspect this condition and request a special test to detect this. Also, follow a low-carb diet such as keto or perform intermittent fasting to heal insulin resistance.


This is a blood clot that causes cramping especially in one leg. The pain may be worse when bending the foot upward towards the knees.

REMEDY: Consult your doctor


In rare cases, a blockage in the arteries may block blood flow to the muscles and cause cramps in the leg. This usually occurs in diabetics, ex or current smokers and those who have had high blood pressure for a long time.

REMEDY: Consult your doctor


This diagnosis can only be made by a doctor. Cancer anywhere in the body causes imbalances of electrolytes and minerals (especially potassium and magnesium) triggering leg cramps.

Simple Exercises

Stretch the cramped muscle and gently massage it to help it relax. If you’re unable to stand, sit on the floor or in a chair with your affected leg extended. Try to bend the knee if you have a calf cramp

Night -time Relief - Leg Elevation Pillow - LENORA
Night -time Relief – Leg Elevation Pillow – LENORA

Try to pull the top of the foot on the affected side towards the head while the leg remains in a straightened position.

This technique is also helpful to ease a back thigh (hamstring) cramp.

If the cramp is in the front thigh (quadriceps), use a chair to steady and then try to pull the foot on the affected side up towards the buttock area (Mayo Clinic 2021).

Perform a simple calf stretch each night before lying down to sleep.

Tiptoe over a step and stretch the foot down. Hold this for 30 seconds and repeat four times on each leg.

Use a warm towel or heating pad  or  ice  to  massage the cramped muscle with ice may relieve pain.

These simple exercises are very effective in preventing leg cramps during the night as the stretch stimulates blood and oxygen flow into the muscles.

In addition, leg elevation pillows are beneficial as thy help maintain good blood circulation in the legs.

Refer to a previous article ( Leg Cramps in Seniors. The Best Leg Pillows for Night Relief) on this site for detailed review of different types of leg elevation pillows and what you need to consider when making a choice


Some reasons for leg cramps can be more easily identified. Although very uncomfortable, there are some simple natural remedies and exercises that make leg cramps and spasms more manageable. The use of supplements may be employed – if preferred.

Causes due to medical conditions can only be diagnosed and treated by a doctor.

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  1. Hello Ceci,

    The body is an amazing system, having no idea that lack of Vitamin E or even lack of salt would have such a knock on effect when it comes to cramps.
    As a sufferer of leg cramps and restless leg I have often assumed it’s due to poor warm up and cool down stretching.

    I am hugely impressed with the research that went into this article and was found purely by accident. Now I have found Metamorphosis Hub I shall be a frequent visitor.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge


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  2. Wow
    Now this article was useful. As an athlete I have had a lot of cramps when I was dancing and I used to wonder what it is mainly caused by. I have heard about the salt and thus increased often however it continued to happen (the cramps) the other aspect that I learnt is that it is not just about salt it could also be ELECTROLYTES which I had no idea about.

    • Thabo, I am delighted that the article provided you with value and taught you something new! As an athlete you should now focus on how to avoid these cramps and spasms.


  3. Ceci,

    This information is great. I actually have a fiend that has muscle spams in her legs, and she can’t ever sleep because of it. Her doc diagnosed her with restless leg syndrome, and I’ve seen her struggle with this for years. While she does get meds for this, I bet the natural remedies will help as well. I feel bad for her, since she’s gone so far as had some compression therapies out of state for her legs.

    I’ll have to share this with her, so thank you for posting this!


    • Hi Katrina,
      So sorry to hear about your friend’s condition. Please share with her. I incorporate several of these natural cremedies into my diet and I can confidently say that my bouts of leg cramps have stopped.


  4. Hi Ceci,

    Thanks for showing us the reasons people can leg cramps. I must say it’s very comprehensive and educational. I am glad that you also provide natural remedies & exercises to reduce cramps or relieve the pain instead of medications. I am also a huge fan of natural remedies, so your article caught my eye while I scroll down reading.

    I don’t have leg cramps easily because I stretch my body often during the day and before bed. Besides, I also use three leg-alignment belts while I sleep, so it helps more or less.


    • Hello Matt,
      Thanks for the read. I am a strong proponent of natural remedies first. Sometimes it may be necessary to move up to more formal medication if this is prescribed by the doctor.


  5. Hi Ceci,
    This is great information. I often get tight calves and sometimes cramps. I had known about magnesium and eating almonds could help but you have provided a LOT more solutions and causes to be aware of. Have to love those sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.
    Good tips too on stretching and recovering the muscle when we get a cramp. I had just been doing the traditional calf stretches but you have suggested a few more good things to do.
    Thank you, John

  6. Hi Ceci, thanks for this great reminder on cramps and how to deal with them. I am active sportsman(used to do professionally soccer) so I come in contact with cramps time-to-time. I can say that the proper stretching is here the key (at least in my case). As older I get, as more important it is. Nowadays, I do stretching even for 20-30 minutes and I see huge difference. Anyway, it is very interesting to see, that even such a small detail like low vitamin E can cause it. Great post, please keep up this great work. Cheers

    • Hi Julius,
      You are right that stretches do help as long as you don’t overdo them and end up getting sore. Keeping a healthy and active lifestyle is always recommended.


  7. Hi Ceci,

    Thank you for a useful article.

    I occasionally get leg cramps and had been told that it was probably a lack of salt and that I should eat a bag of crisps!

    I hadn’t realised that there were so many other possible causes.

    It is so useful to see a bigger picture.

    All the best,


  8. Lots of very useful tips in this article and so fully explained. l will do as many of the said suggestions as I can. Thank you for the well presented article.

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  9. Hello, what a great site. i am 84 and have started to suffer leg cramps at night. i rub the effected muscle and this helps. to strengthen my legs i do about 200 squats a week.
    I will now start taking Vitamin “E”, Almonds and sunflower seeds from today, Thursday 17 November 2022.
    Thanks again. Regards Roy Chinery.

    • Hi Roy,

      Delighted that you love the site and that you found value in this article!
      Leg cramps at night are really awful!. I suffered from them myself a while back – which is what prompted this research. Understanding the causes and preventive things to do truly changed the situation and they are now history! Consider signing up for our Insiders Weekly so that you are one of the first to know of new articles.


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